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Reflect what you know and tHe world will listen. 

Blog Writing

What are blogs?

Do not think it’s an easy question to answer. Blogs can be a medium through which people can achieve various objectives, though it is mainly informational put up in reverse chronological order. So, the latest blog would be at the top and the older ones at the bottom. Blogs can be as similar to personal journals, or can be educational in providing industry-specific information, just for marketing businesses or even blogging can be chosen as a career. Mostly, for businesses, blogs serve a very discrete purpose of attracting customers by adding value to their pre-existing knowledge about the industry or the company.  

Why do companies need blogs?

While scrolling through a company website, you might run into the blog section of a company. Why is it relevant? The answer would be SEO. You need to rank up the Google page, SEO writing is what you are served alongside blogs. Blogs are enriched with industry-owned keywords, metatags and descriptions that bring your web page to the window of your targeted audience. Thus, your blogs are marketing concepts that use content marketing as an indirect channel to drive organic traffic.  

Meeting your requirements

The growth of blog traffic has been exceptional in the last decade and businesses have identified the potential that it could generate. Among these, how do you choose your blog experts? It’s easy, know your suitable blogging partners before hiring them. Do they fulfil the below checklist?

  • Have adequate domain knowledge?

  • Aligns with your preferred style of writing?

  • Have expert blogging professionals?

  • Aware of SEO based writing?

  • Have written for digital platforms? 

  • Knows about market trends?

  • Has the ability to write engaging content?

  • Could deliver original and quality content within the deadline?    

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If you know such an entity that could deliver all the above that you wish for, you have found your blogging partner. To team up with your favourite blogging partner, fill the credentials below and we would take it from there.

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