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To make your business profitable, you need to talk to your customers even before they reach out to you. That is where actionable content comes into picture. Your content should let your target audience know about the concerns they face and the right solution. With effective web content and content marketing strategies, you can generate organic leads and turn them into customers and evangelists. We allocate a writer from your business niche to work with you. This way, both of you share the expectations and requirements of your target audience and work on content that serves a substantial purpose.



Thought Leadership

Ghost/Book Writing

Web Content 

Product Descriptions

Marketing Email Content


Podcast/Video Scripts



1. Which services does The Pendits provide?


     We the Pendits are a Content Writing agency that provides various type of content to our customers for, blog posts, Website Content, Article Writing,

     Social Media, Website content, Copywriting, Thought Leadership, Product Description, Podcast or Video scripting, Ghost or Book writing, Marketing email

     content, Resume Writing etc. 

 2. Are you people a Digital Media Agency or Digital Marketing firm?

      No, we are not a digital marketing agency or firm. Digital marketing is all about marketing and promoting product or services to create brand image. Instead,

     we are purely into content writing, we provide quality content to our customers based on their requirements and help companies through content marketing.

     Content Marketing is a type of marketing that is to create, publish and distribute content focusing mainly on the targeted audience. 


3. Do you provide Website Content writing?


     Yes, we have an excellent team of content writers who excel in Website Content Writing. We know your requirements, plan accordingly and then act on it. We

     have handled multiple projects catering to Web Content writing and delivered to the customers. All you have to do is brief us about the your company and its 

     functioning. Contact us on +918041104320 or fill up our form and we will connect with you soon.  


4. Are you people into SEO Content Writing?


     Yes, we also write blogs and articles that cater to SEO Content writing. SEO Content is all about inserting relevant keywords into the write-up, that would

     enrich the content and bring the page ranking up in various search engines. The better the keywords content, the more traffic is driven to the page. We deliver

     you the best SEO rich content at the best price. Check out the page, for more information  


5. As content writers, do you also develop content?


     We are content writers as well as the ultimate guide as content developers. We have a dedicated team that curate content and also help in creative writing.

     Content developers use their experience and knowledge to create content for websites and also update them with their changing. Development of a content

     focuses on various aspects like, copy writing, graphics and technical work. So, we do the copy writing part and help the company with 


6. Is it a content writing company in Delhi?


     No, we are not from Delhi, India. We are one of the best Content Writing Firms based in Bangalore, India, providing optimal quality content ideal for your



7. Is any freelance writer part of your team?


    Yes, we have in-house writers as well as remote freelance writers who are integral part of we ThePendits family. We also hire freelance writers, for various

    projects. We have a team of both niche, vernacular and versatile writers. If you wish to join us, connect to us on and we will get back to



8. Does The Pendits write whitepaper and SEO writing?


    Yes, we do both, the whitepaper and SEO writing. We also work on newsletter writing and press release writing and content editing. Check out our page to find

    out the various services offered by us, that would help your company be the brand you always desired.


9. Are you people into Social media consultancy?


     Sorry but no, that is what a digital marketing firm does. We are purely into Content Writing. We create, develop and curate content for websites and social 

     media. Know more about us at 


10. Is you firm involved with graphic design and blog writing as well?


        Sorry but we just provide content, we do blog writing, article and whitepaper writing but currently not into graphic design. We are a content writing firm,

        based in Bangalore. 


11. How does Search Engine Optimization help in online business?


Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a process which is followed by companies to engage traffic into their websites and soar their ranking in search engines. The search Engine Optimiser is a person who find out keywords and keeps a track of search results. The keywords, tags, meta tags and backlinks help in the process of leading organic traffic. Content helps in SEO and we write SEO content. 


12. Are you one of the agencies in delhi that serve content writing?


       No, unfortunately we are not based in Delhi, we are a Bangalore based content writing firm that is known to deliver various types of powerful, quality

      content. We believe that CONTENT IS KING.


13. Do you provide SOP writing?


        Yes, we do write Statement of purpose. We write powerful and unique statement of purpose that makes you a little closer to enrolling for your dream 

        university. We understand your requirement and create content for you. Contact us at for any queries or doubts.  

       We also do Standard Opearting Procedure (SOP) of framing the workflow of organizations, it is great to achieve a uniform, efficient and quality output

       delivered on time. It just sets up everything along the industry regulations. 


14. Is email marketing your forte?


       Absolutely. We provide email marketing. We think it is still a great approach of marketing, bringing brand recall and also strengthens the customer, business

       relations. Email Marketing, though a former way of marketing, is still effective to promote brand through newsletters, promotional campaigns, trigger emails

       and connect via social media campaigns. 


15. My company needs regular blurb writings, film reviews and book reviews. Do you The Pendits do such write-ups.


        Yes, we are up for all of that. We write blurb writings, film reviews and book reviews. Content is powerful and it can make an impact. This is what we stand

         for. So, #LetsMakeThingsWrite 


16. I need a resume writer. Does your company write resumes and what is the time frame to which i can receive the document?


        Yes we write resumes for job aspirants and the time frame that we require is 48 hrs, i.e. to send you back your resume. The rest, we can wish you a Good 



17. As a Content writing firm do you check your plagiarism before sending it to the customer?


        Yes, we are absolutely tech driven. We follow the three-way process for all our projects. All our content is written, reviewed and plagiarism checked. We send

        you the plagiarism checked document with the final document. 

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