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The ABZ of Content Writing powered by SEO

The formative impact of content writing on businesses, in making and breaking brands has been evidently seen everywhere. The mighty power of words can be imperative to gain the identity it seeks. Every industry is embracing the magnificence of technology and development and the world stands still in awe with so much changing in so little. It is a battle of the best, the competition that is keeping the professionals up to study the market and encouraging the excavation of new mediums or tools to benefit brands, companies and institutions.


One such medium that is recognised to identify, measure and finally retaliate in the competition used by every company, digital marketing agencies, social media consultancies, marketing firms and e-commerce is the good old Content. The content writing industry is flying high and the wind beneath its wings is the wisdom of SEO. As in, SEO content i.e. content that is infused by keywords, meta tags, meta descriptions, backlinks etc. Nevertheless, how does SEO benefit content, and finally a website?


How does SEO benefit websites?

Your company needs to be up the digital sphere. So how do they do that? They hire a digital marketing firm to manage the online presence of the company over various platforms like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. They also effectively emphasize the fact that running Google ads would bring your company website up the Google ranking and thus generate more clicks. However, other than these the market analysts claim that SEO infused content is the best form of marketing. 


Putting up a website is just not enough, it should be active as well. Only an active website enables you to draw traffic. Putting up blogs, articles, posts, maintaining a forum are all important to keep getting attraction from your audience. A website designing company would just fit in your requirement to fit in content in website design (Template). The job of a digital marketer is to make the website optimised with the help of SEO content. Feed-in keywords and meta tags while continuing frequent uploading of blogs and questions over the forum. This is best done by a content writing agency that is proficient in writing content for SEO. 


How do Content Writing Agencies write content for Websites? 

It is not as easy as it sounds. These agencies have paid tools or software that helps them frame better sentences structured for search engines crawlers, and one that is considered the most popular among all is Google bots. However, they must maintain a close balance between keyword infused content and keyword stuffing. The website content or blogs should hold some value-added information that would easily grab the attention of the audience. Both, your audience and Google are intelligent creations and they do identify overly crowded content developed just for bots. In the case of overstuffing, Google has the authority to penalize your website, and that’s bad. So, how to write content for websites by avoiding such instances?


The content writing agency deals with diverse kinds of content like article writing, social media content, press release writing etc. They work for a variety of industries and each company, in every industry must need a different strategy to dart the bullseye. So, the first thing that these writing agencies do, is to strategize. This is known as content strategy. Though this benefit is only available if the content writing firm is chosen by the company to be their content strategic partner. The content writing team and the digital marketing team must be well coordinated to bring out the best for any company. 

Different Shades of Eggs

ThePendits, as a Writing Agency    

ThePendits is a Bangalore based Content Writing Agency, that develops content for humans backed by SEO. The purpose of any content is to reach its target audience and perpetuate thoughts in one’s mind, induce questions that are expected to linger in one’s mind for a significant period of time. 


What would make a person take a leap of faith and choose ThePendits, is its propensity to value content as a means of communication/expression. The relevance of quality content with the added advantages of SEO for website content, blog posts, white papers, review writing, quora answers, social media write-ups for digital platforms for companies in online businesses. Other than that it also provides other content services like resume writing, company profile writing, email/newsletter content etc. 

In the present digital space, any company would require professional guidance to build a suitable product/service based website that drives its existence. The success percentile of a website depends on certain criteria like the responsiveness of the website, being user-friendly, content approach and accessibility. One aspect for the need of lucid, standardized content is settled with the help of ThePendits.   

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