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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I login/sign up to ThePendits?
    The Pendits is a platform that is best known to deliver content conveniently. We are highly process driven, and thus in order to log in to our portal, you need to follow the steps: Go to ➤ Click on Login/Sign up ➤ Enter your log in credentials/ sign up form ➤ Enter
  • How long will it take to approve my profile?
    We have a 24 hour time frame, within which we approve individual profiles. Upon approval, you will be receiving an email on behalf of ThePendits.
  • Once I sign up, how do I place a requirement?"
    It is easy to place your content requirement once we approve your profile. So, if you are newly associated with ThePendits, all you have to do is fill in your company profile by clicking on the ‘Content Brief’ tab on our Content Management Portal, and place your project requirement.
  • What should I do if I want to place more than one Content Brief?
    Follow these simple steps to create more than one account under your profile. Login ➤Content Management Portal ➤Content Brief ➤ Click on ‘Add’
  • Where can I access all my projects?
    You can access all your projects under the tab My orders. Please refer your job order number to search for any specific project.
  • What is My profile?
    My profile under settings will display your personal user ID description that you have provided ThePendits i.e. Name, Email ID, Contact Number, Joining Date, Company and Associated accounts.
  • What is Content Brief?
    The Content Brief tab contains record of various companies that you as an individual is associated with. You can add one or more companies to your content brief. To do so, please click on ‘Add’. Fill up the content brief and you are good to go.
  • How do I take a look at my projects that was delivered by ThePendits, this month?"
    You can take a look at the Dashboard in our Content Management Portal to get an outline of the projects, or you can switch tab to ‘My Orders’.
  • How can I get assistance for a particular content that has been already delivered to me?
    When you click on ‘My Orders’ tab you would find the projects that has been already delivered or assigned to ThePendits. Scroll to your right and you get an option to ‘Chat’ with your Content Coordinator. Also, you can accept or reject delivered projects.
  • How should I add a new project?
    Just click on Content Brief, the page displayed will have all the content brief of various institutions you associated with. Click on the ‘New Project’ button to add more projects for the particular institution.
  • Is ThePendits a content marketing company?
    ThePendits, is a premium Content Writing Agency based out of Bangalore, Indian. We do not provide Content Marketing as a service. But for all your content creation needs, we can surely help you.
  • What is the Turnaround Time for a content to be delivered?
    We deliver content within 48 hrs (Two Business Days), following a strict 3 step process of Writing, Reviewing and Plagiarism Checking.
  • How is ThePendits any different from a freelance writer?
    We dedicatedly serve content as a service. Unlike freelance writers we have a team that deals with creative and technical content, thus we take complete responsibility for the content that gets delivered through us. Being highly process driven, we ensure you get your content on time which is original and of best quality.
  • What is a Virtual Writer?
    A virtual writer is very similar to an in-house writer, only working remotely. You can hire a Virtual Writer for your company and we'll ensure your content requirements are taken care. Hiring a Virtual Writer would not just reduce your overhead cost, would you get the best quality content delivered to you on time.
  • How do I contact ThePendits?
    Enter your answer here
  • Are you people into Content Strategy?
    No, we don’t provide Content Strategy, however you can subscribe to our licensed SEO tool ‘Netfix’ that would provide you content strategy along with actionable items to rank your website better on Google. Talk to your content consultant to see a demo of NetFix.
  • Do you people provide content in Vernacular Languages?
    Please try and contact our customer support to seek the possibility of serving your vernacular content requirements. Connect to +91 8448040030.
  • How do you define the World Limit to any particular project?
    We do not set a word limit. You can request for the desired word limit. We try to suffice it, yet we take the liberty to create content that is 10% more or less than the specified word limit.
  • What if I want ThePendits to reassess the delivered content?
    In the case where we have already delivered content and you need a revision, please click on the chat button in the portal or you can reject the delivery and we shall take over from there. We also have a policy that states if the project is not approved within 3 days, it gets auto-approved. If the content is not revisted in 3 days of delivery, the writer tends to loose the grip of the particular project.
  • How do I get to know if the content is plagiarised or not?
    Every content delivered undergoes plagiarism check and the percentage can be viewed under MyOrder tabs. We do send a plagiarism report of the content upon query. ThePendits do not allow any content to be delivered that is above 5%.
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