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12 Must-Try Content Writing Topics in 2022

If you are a blogger, then one thing you need to keep in mind is the blog forte. While there is no dearth of blog topics to choose from, you may want to focus on those that are interesting, informative, and get you the crowd and money.

What shall you write about in 2022? Amidst the after-effects of the virus and the vaccinations, what are the most talked-about - or rather, read about - topics? What topics are trending online? What do people search the most about on the internet and are eager to read about? Picking from the popular topics always ensures you a good amount of web traffic to your blog pages.

Well, here’s a list of the top 12 blogging ideas to follow in 2022.


Nothing tops the list as much as the digital currency. The explosion of cryptocurrencies peaked in 2021, making it one of the most discussed topics of the year from Elon Musk to teens on social media. Well, the talks would continue over to 2022 and be not limited to investors but very much a part of popular culture as well.

Bitcoin and Ethereum dominate a market that’s littered with various cryptocurrencies. As much as the year 2021 was a great breakthrough for digital money, 2022 will have a lot more focus and attention on the topic.

Writing on topics like cryptocurrency regulations, crypto ETF, mainstream interest and investment, etc will drive tremendous attention to your blog.

Some of the topics that you can generate for your cryptocurrency blogs are:

  • The background, myths and future of cryptocurrencies

  • How to invest

  • Trending updates, news

  • Cryptocurrency apps

  • Cryptocurrency for beginners

Online Courses

The pandemic has turned a new leaf for the education system worldwide. The paradigm shift to online courses and the disruption of a new class of edtechs make e-learning a hot and trending topic to blog about.

The mass appeal and the circumstantial need for online courses will help your blogs reach a wider segment of readers especially when you are providing substantial information on the same.

You can do affiliate marketing by writing about the various e-courses on popular e-learning platforms like edX, Udemy, and the lot. Updates on rare and upcoming courses on newer platforms also will attract attention from students and young professionals.

Some of the interesting topics for a blog on online courses are:

  • Finding the best online courses

  • Affiliate marketing for online institutions

  • How to learn systematically for online courses

  • Self-help articles on e-learning

Health and Fitness

Health and fitness will always be a demanding topic to discuss in this fast-paced city life where most of the population resides in urban areas. Leading health magazines are always on the lookout for quality content on diet, nutrition, workout, or alternative healing. With so much information available and genres to write about, the health and fitness segment is a field where you can generate high-quality articles within a short time span. Useful tips on anything ‘health and food’ is something today’s readers would lap up eagerly.

The Global Wellness Institute reports that the physical activity economy will hit $1.1 trillion by the year 2023. The Asia-Pacific will become the largest market with global growth of 40% through 2023, overtaking North America.

A highly informative and well-researched article with interesting facts, info and stats will turn your blogs into in-demand pieces of articles with an impressive SERP.

As a content creator, you can write about

  • Physical and mental fitness

  • Alternative healing like yoga and meditation

  • Importance of weight training and changing trends

  • Food and nutrition

  • Exercise and recovery

  • Success stories, etc.

Food and Cooking

Like education, food and cooking are fields that witnessed a tremendous upsurge online during the pandemic. Every other person seemed to let the steam of a claustrophobic pandemic lockdown off by cooking, exploring and experimenting with cuisines, or watching culinary shows! There is a new interest and fresh angle to food on the web. Food bloggers and vloggers are thriving with the changing winds. If food blogging interests you, then, here’s a handful of topics you may explore:

  • Recipes

  • Food reviews

  • Types of cuisines

  • Food photography

  • Restaurant reviews

Fashion and Shopping

Fashion and shopping are evergreen content writing topics. The market for admirers of new fashion is massive and this is visible with the statistics of online shopping and posts on social media sites. The numerous fashion blogs act as a guide for the confused souls who cannot decide on what to wear for a formal party, what suits their physical traits and personality or how to mix and match and still look like a fashionista!

Designers of haute couture tend to follow such content on the internet. If you are inclined towards fashion, then with the right investigation and research you can evolve as “the voice” of fashion online to whom desperate souls turn to for advice and wisdom.

You may pick from topics such as:

  • How to collaborate with a brand?

  • What’s new?

  • Trends for the Season

  • Wardrobe bucket list

  • Wardrobe organizing

  • Vintage fashion throw-backs

Travel and Tourism

Travel & tourism has always been a hot topic in print, on social media or blogs. Travel connects people from different geographical locations, backgrounds, food habits, and cultures. The subject has taken a new turn with the lock-down and the subsequent restrictions on travel. People are longing to travel, explore new places and get to know about other cultures online, if not travel to such places.

Travel getaways have a huge market online and if interested to tread the much-walked trails, you may pick some of the hot topics like:

  • Road trips and adventure

  • Solo and family travel

  • Available transportation

  • Hiker's guide

  • Best time to visit

  • Beach spots

  • Various activities and price range


Writing an engaging and valuable article is vital for any tech organization. If you are from a technical background, your professional niche could be a valuable resource to someone. A well-written and informative technical blog allows you to not just offer good content but also connects you to a large audience with a similar mindset.

As a tech blogger you can curate articles on the following ideas:

  • Product Review

  • Updates and patches

  • Trending technology and services

  • Events, product launches

  • Tutorials

  • Case studies and proof of concepts


Blog posts on education or academics are always popular due to information about the latest updates in the field. In this digital age, there are several doors open to obtain professional education or upskill. Be it diploma, undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate, or certification programs, you can write about the best institutes in the country or abroad to get traction.

You can pick from the below examples to run your upcoming blog on education:

  • Trending in the education industry

  • Top colleges and universities (national/global)

  • Higher education guides

  • Online virtual courses

  • Education for differently-abled

  • The mental and emotional well-being of students

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is yet another hot topic for content writing in 2022. If you want to promote your business, product, or service, or build brand awareness, social media marketing is an effective tool. It gives you a platform with a wider reach and flexibility to let people know about your brand and engage them effectively. Social media marketing makes buying and selling easier between businesses and customers.

As a content writer, you can write about the following topics on social media marketing:

  • What is social media marketing?

  • How to begin a social media marketing campaign

  • What to post on social media?

  • How to increase sales and followers?

  • Best time of the day to market the content


If you are a sportsperson or love sports, then writing a blog on sports can be extremely fulfilling. Sports always have a huge fan-following among students, youth, and adults as well. Some of the creative content writing ideas that can draw the right traffic to your site include:

  • Work-life balance as an athlete

  • How to train before matches

  • Athletes and fitness

  • Rules of a sport

  • Meal-planning as an athlete

  • Sports and mental health

  • Sports news

Entertainment and News

The entertainment industry will never cease to bore anyone! And a blog on the creative world of entertainment is sure to give you hoards of visitors through every season. As choices are plentiful in the industry, With the rise of OTT platforms and a surplus of web series, movies, sports, and live channels, people want to review the content before taking the bait of subscriptions. You can start writing honest reviews that make the audience aware of the latest in the entertainment and news industry.

You may frame your entertainment blog around:

  • YouTube Videos

  • Niche industry news like the movie or fashion industry

  • Video games

  • Television shows

  • Music

International Affairs

To write content on international affairs, you need to possess detailed knowledge in diverse fields. International affairs is an exciting but most challenging topic to write about. Regardless of the language you write in, you must possess a deep and detailed knowledge of the political scenario and current affairs. You need to understand the economical, cultural, historical, social, and geographical aspects of the country/countries you are going to write about.

The information provided should be comprehensive and backed by valid evidence and citation. Since such content attracts and caters to a global audience, you need to match and maintain an international style and standard that is highly professional and unbiased.

Winding Up

Any topic can be tweaked and tempered to become a head-turner in the huge junkyard of online content if you know how to approach it the right way. Hard work, consistent efforts, and relentless research will pay off in the end if you nurture your blogs with passion and care. What matters isn’t the gravity of a chosen topic, but how you present it. The videos that go viral on social media don’t make it because they are by, or on experts. They click because they tell a different story. Try telling your story from a different perspective, give a new approach, write it from a fresh context and you will see the crowd dripping in; sooner or later.

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