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18 Game-Changing Tools for Content Writers

Today every online medium and interactive platform is brimming with content - in all forms and genres - that creating content that is unique has become a tough grind.

People are constantly shifting their loyalties to fresh content: content that is distinctive, entertaining, creates an experience and adds value to them. No wonder, from global brands to small-time bloggers and content creators, all are pushing themselves out of their comfort zones to create value-based content for their audience.

Consequently, it has become essential for content writers to create coherent content that’s engaging and free from typos or structural errors. And that’s where the need and demand for writing tools come from.

Here is the list of the most popular and useful content writing tools that help you with swift content writing while maintaining its readability and uniqueness.

The list of top 18 Content Writing and Editing Tools

ProWritingAid: ProWritingAid is one of the highly-rated AI-based writing tools. This advanced writing tool not only fixes grammar and spelling errors, but also improves tonality, and writing style. ProWritingAid emphasizes vocabulary and makes it more compelling for the reader. It also focuses on various aspects of content writing and provides interactive infotainment features. With ProWritingAid, one can integrate Google Docs, Microsoft Word, Scrivener, and many more as browser extensions for Chrome or Firefox.

SEMrush Writing Assistant: Helps with creating top-notch, credible, SEO-optimised content that ranks on Google search engines. By offering helpful SEO and readability scores the tool provides real-time data and insights. It is important to connect the document in Google Docs or WordPress draft to properly analyse the SEO-optimization ideas.

Grammarly: One of the most popular writing and editing tools that provide insightful

features like a word-count check, readability, vocabulary, grammar, and punctuation errors.

The premium version also fixes some additional issues like choice of words, verbose sentences, or missing pronouns, plagiarism check, and boost the content marketing game.

Hemingway App: The editor is a perfect combination to assess readability, identify passive voice issues, grammatical errors, highlight long and complex sentence structures, and many more. Judging by the Automated Readability Index, Hemingway Editor judges the text based on ‘Grade level’.

Surfer: The interactive SEO-optimised editor helps to check the keyword density, readability, and word count. The tool helps to do a comparative analysis of potential organic competitors and generate organic traffic.

The SEO text editor is backed by AI and helps in analysing the prominence of every word on your competitor’s web pages, thus providing you with accurate guidelines to outsmart competition.

Readable: The tool quickly analyzes the readability, proofreading issues, level of plagiarism with the writing and provides effective suggestions. By accessing the premium version one can get many advanced features that include website scoring and readability test, API, Slack integrations, and many more.

Rankmath SEO: While working on WordPress, RankMath significantly helps to improve the on-site SEO. With many advanced factors such as keyword tracking, internal linking suggestions, Google Search Console, and many more, the plugin is free to handle and follows algorithm ranking.

750 Words: It is a great tool for those writers, bloggers, students, or working professionals who want to maintain a daily writing habit. It follows and increases the productivity level by tracking the writer’s progress. The tool also appreciates the writer’s writing efforts by granting them points.

Copyscape: Poor, out-sourced content may not always adhere to the search engine guidelines and can cause a penalty. With the help of Copyscape, you can easily track the level of plagiarism within seconds with accuracy.

Copyscape helps you identify web pages that have copied your content without permission. It also identifies those who are quoting your website.

CoSchedule Headline Analyzer: To write engaging and compelling headlines that build interest among the readers, CoSchedule Headline Analyzer provides exceptional aid. The tool accurately analyzes the word balance, length, and choice of power words and optimises the headlines to generate more traffic.

AnswerThePublic: AnswerThePublic combines and drives data from search engines based

on the most searched keywords. This effective tool is a goldmine for generating innovative, fresh ideas. It provides compelling straight data as well as visualisation.

Text Expander: While typing an abbreviation it is a great productivity tool to develop snippets of text that can be expanded into large chunks of texts. These blocks include text, email, signature, code, links, or images. Text Expander prevents typing or copy-paste errors and maintains a refined consistency

WordCounter: A very convenient and free online editor, the tool helps the writer to refine their content by identifying and replacing repetitive terms or words.

As the name suggests, the tool displays the number of words and characters that you have written/pasted on its online text-box, and helps you in modifying and enhancing your word choices and writing style. It is a great tool to access and use especially for students, beginners and amateur writers as it also helps detect grammar mistakes and plagiarism. The tool is ideal for creating social media posts.

Ulysses: It is an ideal tool for distraction-free writing and supports Mac, iPad,iPhone. It increases productivity levels by setting writing goals. organising blogs, tracking individual progress, and is accessible from anywhere.

The award-winning tool (Apple Design award), supports both long-term and short-term projects and helps content creators, authors, bloggers etc.

The Most Dangerous Writing App - Squibler: It is indeed the most dangerous writing tool that warns the writer to not stop the writing process, if not all of the progress will be lost. The tool helps to maintain a consistent level, avoid distractions and deliver writing pieces with efficiency.

IBM Watson Tone Analyzer: The software employs linguistic analysis to detect emotional tones in writing styles using different colours to highlight the text. It is especially helpful in businesses where you can get to know the tone of the customers' communications. It helps you to understand and respond to each customer appropriately, and improve customer interactions.

Ilys: To create an efficient and compelling article, Ilys helps to separate the writing and editing process and helps to improve the quality and fast delivery of articles.

The tool gives you the word count that you need for your article. Once you begin writing you need to complete the word count before deleting or editing anything. This liberates a perfectionist writer or a scatter-brain from multiple edits and accelerates the content creation process.

Ideaflip: Though not belonging to the genre of typical content writing tools, the tool functions like an online sticky note, helping you with quick iteration of concepts or ideas.

With the fundamental elements of a pitch, the tool helps to break down ideas into why, how and who, proving the merits of the idea. The tool is great in dishing out details for an idea and developing it further to the form that you aspire for. The tool is great for business platforms and technical writing where you need to brainstorm on innovative articles. It helps the writer to assemble and clarify the content idea more easily.

The above-mentioned content writing tools can help you significantly improve your content creation and deliver results that outshine the competition, appease the audience, and impress your client.


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