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5 Best Resume Writing Tips

"How will I know” is a common phrase used by many when asked about resume writing. Since it’s the deciding factor to get you to attend a face-to-face interview, the importance of an impressive and eye-catching resume is unparallelled. While we’re taught how to write a resume from school, not many know the art of writing one. As experts in the writing industry, we’ve decided to break down this herculean feat into simple and followable steps.

1. Know your profile and the Job vacancy:Just like a puzzle, you should be able to fit in to the job role with exact precision. For that you need to know what your skill sets and what skills are required for the role you’re applying for. For example, you might have started your career as a Java Developer, but if you’re now focusing on becoming a mid-senior level manager, your resume should project your managerial skills instead of your technical/coding skills. Even while mentioning the duties performed right from the first job, focus on what you’ve done to become a good manager that you’ve become today.

2. Highlight your skills:It’s a known fact that the recruiters doesn’t always know the job role and even if they do, doesn’t really have the time and patience to go through the entire resume of every applicant. It’s here, highlighting the skills will be of immense leverage. Put it up as bullet points, with each skill in not more than two words in a column of two or three to a maximum of 12 skills right below your name and contact details. When the recruiter notices that you have the skills required for the role in the form of keywords while skimming through the resume, he/she just have to look above to get your contact details and schedule an interview.

3. Exaggerate your activities:Yes, you read it right! Through your resume, you are selling yourself and it’s acceptable to exaggerate what you’ve done during your various stints. Usage of fancy words to describe what might be mundane is also suggested. For example, if you were maintaining an excel sheet to track the bugs in a particular application, phrase the sentence similar to ‘set-up and manage the detection of bugs in the application while ensuring closure through diligent monitoring and follow-ups’. This way, what might sound irrelevant becomes a major responsibility you successfully handled.

4. Mention the outcome over the duty:Companies are today hiring people who can execute and give results. Wherever possible, showcase the result you brought instead of mentioning the efforts. If you are in the sales profile, mentioning “accountable for an yearly average of 30% of the monthly sales closure in the inside sales dept” is better than mentioning “made frequent followups with prospective customers while in the inside sales dept”. This shows that you are a result oriented person and hiring you will be an invaluable asset to the organisation.

5. Preferably start each sentence with a positive verb:Under each job role, beginning every sentence with a verb in past tense again showcases you as a person who gets things done. Words like ‘managed’, ‘handled’, ‘responsible for’, ‘liasoned’, ‘co-ordinated’, ‘developed’ can be good starters for the sentence as they denote what you’ve done and achieved.

Despite all the tips which can help you create an amazing resume, don’t forget that you need to be yourself and the resume should reflect your individuality. While exaggeration is fine, never lie in your resume as if found out, it could lead to the blacklisting of your profile and even debarring your possibility of an interview with another company.

We wish you the very best in your hunt for that next big opportunity and we’ll be happy to serve you in writing that perfect resume which will help you land where you truly deserve to be. Do get in touch with us at and together #LetsMakeThingsWrite

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