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5 Tips for Writing a Great Healthcare Blog

Serving humanity, uplifting mankind: the motto of medical practitioners, a community of dedicated professionals who stood for their values, and with their fellow beings even amid the worst pandemic of the millennium.

It has been a difficult time, a time of great uncertainty and dilemma when myths and rumours tend to spread like wildfire adding on to the prevailing gloom. Spreading awareness has become as important as taking care of public health and when it comes from a trusted resource like a doctor or a healthcare giver, it adds gravity and reliability to the information.

Blogs are an effective way of educating people and reaching to a wider segment with the possibility of sharing and popping up in every related Google search. There is a tremendous need for educational and informative articles to avoid panic in the air.

Writing good health care or awareness blog isn’t that easy. Here are a few tips on creating the right one for these pandemic times.

A Niche like Healthcare Blogs

Healthcare blogs demand more attention to details and research, as irrespective of being specific or generic, the information shared must be accurate, well-researched and validated.

With infinite information available over the web from a wide range of authentic medical sources, how would you drive the traffic to your website? What aspects of blogging do you need to take care of in healthcare information?

  • Authoritative

Healthcare blogs are generally written by experts from the field. Domain authority is essential in healthcare blogging. The blogs should reflect you as a well-informed person, thorough with the nuances of the topic, updated with current information and with the right back-up of resources.

  • Personal touch

Yes, as in any blog, the personal touch does make your healthcare blogs endearing and attractive to the readers. People generally connect to or tend to believe personal experiences from the writer rather than a detached splurge of theoretical data. So, talk about incidents that you have witnessed, experienced or were involved with.

· Responsible writing

Unlike most blogs that tend to be more marketing-oriented healthcare blogs are more purposeful in spreading information. Hence you need to invest quality time in creating a value-adding piece of information for the public. Remember, you will have to own up to your words and write more responsibly.

Five tips for writing healthcare blogs

Now you know why it is a sensitive option and proceed only when you agree with the kind of ownership you must be ready to take up. Let us discuss the things you can do to enhance your blogging skills especially healthcare.

1. The Audience

Know your audience well. Identifying your specific audience in the crowd can be tricky. But the more effort you put in to recognize your potential audience, the more specific and “searchable” your content will be.

Your healthcare blog will shift its focus as per your specific audience. For instance, if you are writing an awareness blog for a general audience, you will have to elaborate on medical terms and descriptions. Similarly, if the blog is aimed at doctors, medical professionals, or those within the industry, you can cut down on explanations and focus more on the information.

2. Be informative

Readers of healthcare blogs do not come for fun-read. They come for specific information and have a clear idea of what they want. And they expect the blog to fulfill their requirements - get accurate data, statistics and details regarding the topic they came looking for.

Both patients and doctors are target readers for healthcare blogs and they are not there to maze-run through vast content. So, write a blog that is specific and precise, rich in quality and not quantity. Structure your blogs with sub-categories and simple subtitles so your readers will find their answers with ease.

3. Stick to covering a single concept in a blog

As the medical or healthcare industry is enormous when it comes to “bloggable” content, and the topics vast, it can be difficult to contain all the information in a single blog.

But remember that your readers may have rushed in to take a quick glance and get all the relevant details at once. Hence try to conclude a specific topic in a single blog without dragging it to the next sessions.

Nevertheless, you may not want to confuse your audience by giving out all in a go! So it would be easier if one blog contributes to a particular section of the topic. Later you can have parts and sessions that addresses various dimensions of the topic in detail.

4. Simple language

It is strictly recommended to use simple and transparent language when you are addressing the commoners. Healthcare is a sector that deals with scientific terms and vocabulary. Even if that is understood by medical practitioners or professionals, such jargon can sound complex for patients or general readers.

Hence use simple terms and language unless you are writing for exclusive medical research platforms or doctors’ forums.

5. CTA’s

As clichéd as it sounds, your blogs should have some CTA’s. The readers can be directly guided through and prompted to get in touch, or subscribe, without wasting much time.

In case a patient is in urgent need of a consultation, by clicking the CTA button, he/she can directly connect with you to discuss in detail. This is also a great way of customer engagement.

These are a few primary tips that must be kept in mind while you start writinga healthcare blog. Every piece of information that you put across the web can save a life or connect them to the right resource. If creating a great blog isn’t your forte and you would like to develop one that boosts your healthcare services, get in touch with ThePendits.Wehelp build businesses through optimised and creative content development. 

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Raveena Aher
Raveena Aher
14 juil. 2022

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