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7 DIY Steps to an Impressive Tagline for Your SME

Are you struggling hard to come up with a brilliant tagline for your business or brand?

Yes, we can create one for you. Or you can go for those tagline generators.

But what about teasing your creative buds and coining it all by yourself?

You are most welcome.

We bring you ThePendits’ detailed DIY worksheet to create an amazing tagline for your brand in 7 easy and relatable steps.

To help you understand the concept and trigger your creativity, we bring you the story of ANTIQTRONICS an imaginary repair shop for antique electronics.

As you go step-by-step through the story and the creation process, you will learn how to apply the rules for your brand and come up with a relevant and impressive tagline that people compliment you on!

So here’s the story:

Creating tagline for antique electronics repair shop
Brand Tagline for AntiQtronics

You have opened your new store: AntiQtronicsan antique electronics repair & restoration store.

(yes, we thought a rare one would be fun!)

Your business has the potential since "repair" is a fast-fading word in the urban dictionary. Many desperate antique lovers and owners must be glad to hear about the launch.


  • You need to capture the attention of your target group and impress them with your attractive or perky tagline.

  • Your brand tagline must not merely attract customers but also reflect the essence of your business.

  • It must make your brand stand apart with its Unique Value Proposition.

Here are the reminders:

function and purpose of a brand tagline
A tagline for your brand persona

What is the purpose of your brand tagline?

To reflect the brand persona/identity

What is the function of your brand tagline?

To make a positive and memorable impression about the brand.

Discover the CORE BRAND VALUES & the CORE WORDS that describe those

What all ingredients do you need in a good, simple tagline?

We know that taglines are no essays! How can you squeeze the essence of your brand into a few words and still make it sound great?

For that, first, you need to identify the core values of your business or brand.

Here are the 7 steps to get there safely!

seven core values that define a great brand tagline
7 steps to an amazing Tagline

Once you have identified the core brand values, you need to pick the right words that reflect those values effectively. Your brand tagline will be built using those core words.

Now, let us get into the 'behind-the-scenes' of framing a tagline.

Step 1


To begin with, you need to pick the right keywords that represent your business or brand.

Let's see how it works for AntiQtronics.

AntiQtronics is a repair shop. And it deals with the restoration of antique electronics.

Hence the keywords that represent the business would be:





Including the keywords (that represent your brand) in your tagline gives it clarity and purpose.

Point to Ponder: What keywords represent your business/company/brand?

Step 2


What quality does your brand represent or highlight?

For an antique electronics repair service store, the primary quality that the customers look for would be TRUST.

tagline for antique electronic repair service
Catchy taglines for antique electronics repair

The ideal customers for AntiQtronics would be those who value and cherish antique electronic goods.

It could be a passion or hobby for some. Or for some, the antiques could be of sentimental value. In both the cases, they would value the objects highly, be extremely careful about them and demand expert handling.

➔ They would not trust just anybody to handle their valuables.

➔ They would want attentive service – be as caring and careful with their prized possessions as they are.

➔ They would want expert hands - someone who knows how to deal with antiques - to lay hands on their valuable electronics.

So, let’s sum up: the qualities that the shop must emphasize would be




Next step would be to find the suitable words that reflect these qualities.

Shaping the tagline with the right words that emphasize quality highlights your brand standards and win the attention of your target customers.

Point to Ponder: What qualities does your brand highlight?

Step 3


Bragging about the quality of your service or products can sure get you some attention.

customer benefits on a brand tagline
Tagline that highlights customer benefits

So do the benefits – emotional or tangible - that your brand an assure your customers.

What primary benefits can an antique repair service store like AntiQtronics assure its customers?

Guaranteed excellence – Unparalleled repair/restoration service

Personal care & attention – that the valuables would be handled with care.

Reliability/trustworthiness - that the customers can leave their valuables at the shop without fearing any discrepancies.

Mentioning the benefit words in the tagline would impress your target customers and inspire them to reach out to you in the moment of need.

Point to Ponder: What benefits does your brand promise your customers?

Step 4


All highly popular brands succeed in associating positive emotions with their names.

Like how Nike inspires with its irreplaceable tagline “Just Do It", or L'Oréal Paris' decades-old gem "Because You are Worth it", you may stir a feel-good factor through your brand tagline.

The brand AntiQtronics would evoke emotions that are associated with antiquity, say:

NOSTALGIA - bygone days or childhood memories

PRIDE- owning a valuable antique piece or

LOVE- when the antique electronic belongs/belonged to a loved one.

The next step is to search the right words that mirror these emotions effectively.

Point to Ponder: What emotions does your brand intend to represent?

Step 5


With the right keywords, brand quality, customer benefits, and brand emotions sorted out, we are closer to framing a perky tagline for AntiQtronics that is relevant to its brand identity and simultaneously impresses and convinces the target customers.

Now, the next step would be to choose the right attitude for the tagline. Your brand tagline can highlight your brand quality (that we have already confirmed above) or pamper your customers with the benefits.

To sum up, you may put the spotlight of your brand tagline either on:

Brand Attitude: Business centric or customer centric
Brand Attitude: Brand-centric or Customer-centric?

YOUR BRAND: ensuring your competence


YOUR CUSTOMERS: ensuring their satisfaction.

For instance, AntiQtronics could highlight its caring and expert service.

Or it could play to customer emotions: valuing their nostalgic memories or restoring their valuable possessions.

If it is brand-centric, then the keywords would be quality of service:


If it is customer-centric, then the keywords shall reflect emotions:


Point to Ponder: What is your desired brand attitude?

Step 6


If you have downloaded our worksheet, then you would see we have come up with over 10 different taglines for AntiQtronics.

Before choosing the final one from them, one need to check whether the coined phrases meet one of the most rudimentary standards for a tagline: brevity.

Taglines must be short and simple so that anyone can remember them easily.

The ideal length of a good tagline is within 7 to 8 words.

Point to Ponder: How long is your brand tagline?

Step 7


Once you have edited your tagline phrases to a proper length, go through the 7 parametres to see if they meet the seven parameters.

You will see that all the different taglines for AntiQtronics carry the essence of the brand – the emotion, attitude, benefits and keywords – and connect with the target customers.

Point to Ponder: Check whether your brand tagline meets all the essential parameters:

1. The right keywords

2. Brand quality

3. Customer-benefits

4. Customer-emotions

5. Brand Attitude

6. Brevity

7. Clarity

Follow the sample of AntiQtronics and try creating taglines for your brand with ThePendits’ DIY worksheet. You may also try creating taglines for some of the popular brands using our worksheet and see if you could throw in a few snappy one-liners for your favourite ones!

Our practical worksheet is a brain-teaser, nudging you to think deeper, write better, and explore new ways of perceiving a brand.

Subscribe and stay with us for more step-by-step guides, practical worksheets, ebooks and blogs on smart content creation.


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