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A WEAPON CALLED VIDEO CONTENT: The Most Powerful Marketing Tool of the Future

When DollarShaveClub, a Californian subscription service company that sells personal grooming products (including razor blades), came up with its launch video in 2012, people found it funny.

The hilarious one and a half minute video take you through the humble warehouse as the Founder CEO Michael Dubin talks about the little inconveniences of shaving and why his company’s “blades are f***ing great.”

The little razor-blade-advertisement video became viral the instant it went live. The company’s servers crashed due to the heavy traffic just after 90 minutes of uploading the video.

When Dubin shot the video with the help of a friend - in a single day and within a budget of $4,500 - seldom did he know that it would go on to create history in entrepreneurial marketing.


Post-2020, no one doubts the power of video content. We all have been glued to our homes and the visual medium – in all forms - to survive and sustain our indoor lives! It was an assertion of the colossal effect of video content that has come to stay, reign and reinvent our daily lives.

Video content marketing will remain the soul and spirit of businesses in the years to come. Videos are powerful marketing tools not merely in their capability to entertain and catch attention, but to influence, convince, and conquer as a brand.

It was the funny and bold viral video that transformed a simple and ordinary subscription business into a legend in marketing.

Bringing “everything that you need in the bathroom” from razors to wipes and Cologne to customer’s doorstep, DCS didn’t have any extraordinary value proposition to brag about. But its crazy launch video disrupted the market and changed its destiny.

DSC went on to become the second-largest men's razor selling brand in the U.S., next only to Gillette. Four years after the viral ad and a booming business, the company was acquired by Unilever in an all-cash $1 billion deal.


More than ever, today’s consumers are glued to the visual medium. And with 2020 shifting our lives entirely on to online platforms, video content is sure to rise above the tides on marketing charts. In 2021, the time an average person spends on watching online videos every day is 100 minutes. With the consumption of online video soaring high, the medium will be the fastest-growing digital channel in the decade.

The visual format gives video content its edge over other marketing tools and makes it more popular with users. Video content like tutorials, Product Information and other explainer videos remain popular with consumers and are attention-grabbers.

Though video content is considered a powerful B2C tool to reach out to the masses and capture your target audience, it is an effective medium for B2B businesses as well, to impress prospective clients and multiply leads.

As per the 2020 surveys, 41% of B2B marketers are willing to invest in video content for their sales and marketing strategies as they find video marketing to bring in positive ROI. 92% of marketers ensure that their marketing strategies include video content. This is a huge hike from the 78% in 2015 and validates the growing significance of video marketing.

As a great source to share business UVPs and product information, videos can be effectively used to enhance sales leads. Most of the B2B organizations are leveraging social media platforms for live streaming and podcasts to capture the market and weave business around the users.

As per the surveys by Cisco, 82% of the global traffic on the internet will be from video streaming by the year 2022. The study reveals that live internet videos will spur the online traffic growth 15-fold from 2017 to 2022. The statistics make a huge difference for those who are banking on social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook for live streaming of videos.


In a survey by Wyzowl, one of the leading animated explainer video companies of the world, statistics showed that eight out of every ten consumers purchased an app or software after watching the brand’s video.

As the prominence and popularity of video content are redefining businesses and marketing platforms, it becomes all the more vital to stay ahead of the current statistics with a powerful digital video strategy for an uncompromised market presence.

Video marketing serves to:

  • Engage customers and trigger interest in the brand/product

  • Influence decision-making

  • Increase sales and build brand awareness

  • Inform/update existing customers

  • Capture the attention of the target audience


Not only the platforms for video content marketing are widening but the conversion rate for engaging videos is also increasing. People not only watch more videos but they tend to watch those that are more entertaining. That speaks of how video content has improved over the years.

“Anything video” doesn’t click as it used to in the past decades. Online platforms are churning out highly engaging content that strongly speaks to the consumers and convinces them. It is a highly competitive market where your marketing content should not be just another video but the best of the videos out there!

How do you meet the expectations of the consumers?


As per, 48% of the consumers prefer videos that showcase the distinct products/services that they are interested in or have already bought.


Another 43% are looking for better interaction that gives them the freedom to choose the particular information they like to view and the time that they want to view it.


Though we talk a lot about attention span getting shorter even for the online medium, surveys prove otherwise for video content. The more engaging your videos are, the more time the users are willing to spend on them. In 2019, 66% of video advertisements were 30 seconds long compared to 55% in 2018.


With social media swallowing a huge chunk of videos online, the diversity of video content has also increased. Over 57% of marketers engage live videos for their marketing strategies, and 34% are leveraging social media platforms for such live streaming. Facebook and Instagram are leading the pack with in-the-moment videos where viewers can react in real-time.


Live videos are a great way to weave a cocoon of potential or loyal customers around your brand. But the pulse of successful marketing isn’t all about going live to capture the market. Your business may not be suitable to go live with your target audience. It is always better to assess your market, observe what your competitors are up to and research well to understand what your audience is looking for.

Watch with ThePendits for the upcoming trends in video content marketing and how you can extract the essence of a successful video content strategy to suit your business. We help businesses employ the best content marketing tools customised for individual needs and niche. To have a highly engaging and diverse content strategy to give a leg up for your business in 2021, you are always welcome to reach us at +91 8448040030.

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