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Content Marketing tools that are great for successful Customer Engagement

Your customers are all ears if you have a unique story to share. A quality content always finds its way to reach its audience. You choose the medium and it gets delivered to the prospects in no time. To make your work easy, there are certain impressive tools that take the charge to help you create a quality, impac+tful and engaging content for your customers. Once you deliver such content, your customers begin to mark your company as a brand that provides standard content, so don't let a speck of disappointment bother your customer with these amazing Content Marketing tools.

Feedly for Content Ideas

The toughest job for a writer is to search for unique and exquisite content ideas. The discovery for innovative ideas always remained a point of conflict in the mind of writers until Feedly crawled its way above the charts to become one of the best tools for tracking various sites for engaging topics. With around 7 million users till date, it has gained tremendous popularity in the Content Marketing industry.

Buzzsumo for Analysing topics

Now that you have a topic in mind, its time to analyse its value in the market. Analysing a value of a particular topic and finding out influencers that promote such topics is what Buzzsumo experts at. It also reports about the most shared content on social media and keeps an eye on your competitors' posts through competitor analysis. That is a lot of work done at once. 

Google Keyword for Content Creation

Nobody keeps a track of the regular online traffic as Google. Google keyword tool is a helping hand for all those who are determined to drive traffic to their posts or blogs. Insert the appropriate pairing of keywords in the title of your blog or its content, to rank up your SEO game. Of course, ranking matters when there is a cut-throat competition unravelling in the market.

Buffer for Social Media Scheduling

Once the content is ready, its time to work hard for its Marketing and Distribution, all over Social Media. Buffer replaces your hard work and saves your time. Every company follows a certain social media strategy that it needs to stick to for obtaining meaningful results. Buffer manages all your social media platform, it keeps you informed about the best time to post your content in an easy and seamless way. You can also schedule your post conveniently with this tool.

Evernote to Organise ContentSo you have loads of ideas and notes that you need to share with your team. How do u do that without disrupting the flow of working? Evernote to the rescue. Share your creative ideas or views with the entire team easily, any time. Capture images, note websites or mark PDF's, accessible through any device. No need to call for a meeting every time you are struck with something amazing, just Evernote it. The 2015 Market Institute Study reports that only 30% of B2B marketers found content marketing effective and useful in their business, while 88% of them use Content Marketing as their marketing strategy. The drastic denominations suggest that 58% didn't plan before implementing content marketing as their weapon. These helping tools are for those percentages of marketers to boost up their game. 

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