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CONTENT MARKETPLACES V/S CONTENT PARTNERS: Better Solutions for Your Content Marketing

How would it be if you could choose the content for all your business needs from a market full of options? A place where you could sort through the stalls, choose the best-selling vendors, pick the freshest and the most reasonable produce and leave in peace assured that your ‘buy’ was worth the money!

Well, you can. A content marketplace facilitates your access to fresh content directly from a buzzing hub of writers.


To be in business and counting on it every day would mean a tremendous generation of quality content for various marketing purposes. With websites representing your company – and almost driving it – you need constant fresh content that could bring in potential customers and magnify inbound marketing.

Generating bulk content and creating original, quality content are two entirely different things. Bulk content can escalate your presence online and influence SEO rankings. But quality content determines your brand reputation and brand image, cementing customer loyalty in the long run.

Good content provides your online visitors interesting and informative articles to read, offering useful information that they are looking for, enjoy reading and share with others.

To generate such routine high-quality content that not only appeases the search engines but also brings in the traffic isn’t an easy task.

That’s when businesses land up in a content marketplace searching for the right content that could amp up their sales and branding.

A content marketplace is a platform that brings businesses and writers together. One can connect directly with a broad spectrum of writers for good professional content at suitable rates.

Such a platform, where you can choose writers according to their experience and prices as per your budget and content requirement, is advantageous for a faster turnaround of mass content. But how feasible a content marketplace is when it comes to balancing both quality and quantity?


Excellence often comes with a price; when you dodge it for ‘affordability’ your content marketing strategy could suffer.

A single writer need not be well-versed in all categories of content writing. To keep your content-bait fresh, relevant and compelling, you will need to keep your writers-stack versatile and full-fledged.

That would mean constant filtering of writers from the marketplace for your diverse purposes.

Further, when you switch writers for specific content categories you need to update them each time on your industry, brand motives and sales pitch. It can be an exhaustive and time-consuming effort.

A marketplace, as the name suggests, comes with its own potholes. You get to choose from an extensive range of options; you have direct access to writers; can bargain and go for budget-oriented options. Yet, you will have the laborious task of updating and following it up with your writers.

The more you settle down for lesser budgets, the more your content suffers. Excellent writers could come at an exorbitant pay; Writers who are more ‘economical’, come with their own hurdles. You might need external expertise to review the content and will have to go through revisions often. The money that you saved would cost you your time and efforts.

Content marketplaces are good oceans to dive deep for the corals but at your own risk. Is there a better catch? A more feasible way of churning out stellar content with less effort and better coordination?


If you have a business that leverages extensively on content marketing, and you prefer to have a meticulous process of managing content creation, then you will need something more integrated and streamlined than a marketplace!

Having an efficient content partner who could meet your entire content requisition is always a better investment in the long run. As you partner with them and build a long-term business interaction, your content providers will get a bigger picture of your marketing strategies, your brand values and vision for the future. This will help them provide highly targeted and narrowed-in content, eliminating redundant details.

As a content partner is more business-centric - unlike the marketplace writers who are job-centric – their business acumen will add that necessary dose of systematic process that is becoming integral to today’s content marketing.

With an ample supply of efficient writers who are screened and rated through a thorough filtering process, your content partner can assure quality content irrespective of tight deadlines or swaggering campaigns. They can assure you of an exclusive writer and never run out of skilled hands.

Having a right technology-backed content partner is essential for that extra mileage of your online content. It is especially true of the final review process. A great content partner can ensure that the final product that reaches you will be foolproof content devoid of factual errors, typos or any miscellaneous writing errors.

Besides, you don’t have to worry about the sting of the Google crawlers regarding your content authenticity. Most content partners like ThePendits guarantee original content by filtering it through anti-plagiarism tools.

The customised and flexible framework of content providers facilitates revisions (within a count, of course). It gives you the freedom to have your content aligned to your required standards without arguments or compromises over the pay.

You save both money and time through the filtered content that your content partner provides.

With a trusted content partner, you also have the convenience to streamline all your writing projects under a single platform. You can have multiple writers writing for you simultaneously, thus ensuring a consistent and regular flow of quality content for your website, social media or other channels of content marketing.


By sourcing out your content through content marketplaces, you are completely relieved of your burden of searching for writers, fixing on the best, sustaining active content creation and ensuring its quality.

To sum up, you get:

  • Access to a skilled and dedicated team of professional writers

  • Assured of quality content and commitment irrespective of your payment packages or modes.

  • The option for revisions within the contract

  • Updated on your content creation process

  • Access to a substantial pool of writers who can write on varied content categories

  • Multiple writers for your different projects

  • To bring your entire content requirement under a single roof

  • Assured quality through the filtered content generation system


A content marketplace gives you quick and easy access to writers. But a trusted content partner walks along your business roadmaps, understanding your requirements and expectations and involving themselves in the content marketing process.

If you would like to try out a structured framework of content generation that can boost up your content marketing, try ThePendits. With a foolproof and convenient digital portal that facilitates both the writer and the client to communicate, discuss, revise and generate quality content, ThePendits captures the essence of large scale content production to a tee.

To discuss further on your content requirements and our process of creating versatile and compelling business content, visit or call us on +918448040030.

We passionately believe in helping businesses articulate their excellence.

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