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Creating Content for the 5 Essential pages of Your Business Website

Creating a website for your business is like opening a door to the Universe. The potential is immense; possibilities, infinite.


Websites have transformed businesses and redefined marketing strategies. They are the golden keys that an entire world of prospective customers use to turn in and unlock your door to success!  We may say that websites have become the face of every business, giving the audience accessibility to know about your brand from a much broader perspective.

Not just the appearance of a well-designed website, but the content on it also plays a vital role in projecting your company effectively to its target audience. Website Content is an excellent medium to connect with your audience and broadcast what you want to convey. 

This blog explains the foundational aspects of good Website Content and how to construct it effectively.

The step by step process to produce attractive Content for Websites  


Any common template that you choose for your website will have five main pages for displaying the most valuable and relevant content on your business: 

  • Home

  • About Us

  • Why Us

  • Services/Products  

  • Contact Us. 

They present the primary facts about your company or business in a nutshell. The purpose of these essential pages is to attract, inform, retain and activate. They serve to create a great first impression upon a casual or deliberate visitor, provide the fundamental information on your business or organisation, retain their interest on your website through engaging content and images and finally, to instigate them into action - to contact you and to choose to avail of your services. 

Any additional or secondary information or details can go to the sub-pages or the inner layers of a website. But, these five pages remain the backdrop of every multi-page website. So, let’s get started with how to build them up and create great content for them.  

1.The Home Page- The home page is the true reflection of what the business stands for. It is advised to keep the home page simple and not congest it with massive paragraphs, distractive images or any such clutter that could drive your audience off. Highlight only the crucial points regarding your business/services on the Homepage. The rest of the factual information can be placed in sub-pages that can be accessed from the home page or the main tabs. Now, let’s check what a good homepage consists of. There are various folds (portions or elements) on a Homepage that together, would effectively explain your business/services to the visitors. 

Let’s start from the gateway! 

  • The Banner Text- Most professional websites would welcome you with a huge banner - akin to a huge billboard - on their homepage.  The banner grabs the attention of the visitor with an eye-catchy image and impressive and relevant information. You can have a single banner or multiple slides that showcase the strengths or USPs of your business. Remember, these banner texts are the ones that push your visitors to scroll further. So, your website’s homepage banner must be creative, and with enough hints on what your business is all about. 

  • The Company Introduction- Following the banner, comes the company description - the vital information about your business. Briefly talk about your company and its USP in just 50- 100 words. Mention how many years the company has been a part of the industry, its unique value point (UVP) etc. 

  • Unique Features- Provide at least three unique features of your business/product/service or mention some notable statistics in around 30 words. Just enough that could fit into a box. For example, how your business is spread across 10 countries, the credentials and milestones you have achieved over the years, etc. 

  • Testimonials- If you can accumulate a few testimonials from your clients on the homepage, it would serve as a rocket launcher. Showcase excerpts from your testimonials page here with 2-3 client-experiences that validate your services.  The excerpts will lead them into the testimonials page.

  • Call to Action button - Yes, it can be called the most important element, if not a fold of the home page. We know what a Call to Action button does, but the text is important as it can trigger an action immediately. Keep it crisp and to the point. 

2. About Us Page- The page is exactly what it says! The About Us page is meant to give the visitors the How, Why & What of your company and its operations in the truest sense. It talks about how your company evolved, what it stands for, its core philosophies etc. If you would like your story to be sharp and impressive, contact ThePendits and we would help you out with the rest! 

The About Us page also consists of multiple folds. Let’s take one at a time. 

  • Details of the Company- Talk about its establishment and the purpose it solves. You can also mention about the process that you follow or even the timeline that took you off. There is endless relevant information that you can mention here. 

  • Mission- The mission of the company is a short description of the purpose of the company, or the reason for its establishment. While writing, remember that the mission is often temporary; your mission statement could be for a short term goal and may evolve with time.

  • Vision- Vision is the long term target or objective of the company. Like for example, to be the world’s best chain of Indian restaurants. 

  • The Team- People love a touch of personalization. Introducing your team is one way to give out a tangible and ‘human’ feel to your company that people could relate to. Introducing your team builds trust and people’s confidence in you. It also serves as a boost-up for your team members who would feel acknowledged and ‘belonged’. 

3.Why Us - This is where you convince your audience on why they need to choose you for a product or service. The writing needs to be persuasive, but not pushy. Upon reading, your audience must feel that your business is better than the rest and be inspired to contact you or even remember you in the future. So give them enough reasons to feel that.  Here are a few points to note while building the content for Why Us page:

  • Use pointers-  Convince through pointers. Audiences tend to read pointers more aggressively than long paragraphs of texts. The value-adding points must be powerful, convincing and represent a solution to the audience’s problem, need or requirement. 

  • Highlight USP & UVP- Highlight the most relevant and significant features of your business or service. Put thumbnails and talk about the features that give your brand the oomph that other businesses lack. Directly point out your USPs and UVP (Unique Value Point) without sabotaging your competitors. 

4. Services/Products- This is one page even a casual visitor may not miss. People are always curious to know, and more interested in what they could get from you rather than what you are about. So, the Services or Products page is a sure-fire place that would see a lot more visitors. Hence talk elaborately about what you offer or cater to them in detail on this page.


Make sure the language of the content is in accordance with the industry standards, but at the same time not losing out on the common audience that makes up the rest of the smaller segment of visitors. So, be particular about what and how to speak. Do not bombard your content with hard-core industry jargon. The whole intention is to get the readers interested in what you are offering.

5. Contact Us- All of the above pages must be carefully constructed to lead the readers to the Contact Us page. You would want them to contact you for business, and if not, at least provide their information in the query section, so you can follow up with emails or calls. Hence provide all the relevant contact details, location, office timings etc. 

Well, now you know what the main webpages for your business are and how the content should be built around them. If you wish to make your website content at par with marketing & SEO standards, then there are several content writing agencies that would help you with it.

Though you may be clear about what and how you want to convey your message across, it is always advantageous to let professional writers construct your web content. Professional Content Providers are familiar with and updated on the various online marketing strategies. Like SEO, a key area where you would need help from experts to hit the nail right at its head. 

To know more about the SEO factor, read our detailed blog on the same. You may also contact ThePendits for a free consultation. We excel in getting the businesses going!

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