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Do You Still Need In-House Writers?

On a daily basis, we keep acknowledging the benefits of technology in our life. We are thankful for the shrinking of device sizes, for the internet to be so disruptive and most importantly, the onset of work-from-home culture. Location independence has become more tangible than how it was a decade back and if there is one key factor to drive this revolution, it has to be technology.

With its evolution, a lot of processes across industries got optimized for efficiency and performance. Marketing is inevitably one of the most refined processes today. Marketers and pros out there are going an extra mile and into uncharted territories to work on creative ways to promote organic traffic and get optimum RoI for their paid campaigns. An integral part of this process is writing, which has gained more prominence in the last few years.

From being a relatively new buzzword to a full-fledged career, content writing has come a long way. Though still not stable, it is an increasingly active realm that is constantly adapting to emerging trends. When it comes to writers, they enjoy a special convenience in the form of location independence. From Chennai, writers churn out content to a fashion retail store based out of Istanbul. Through Skype calls and emails, businesses have been built as well.

However, a lot of brands and businesses do not understand the fact that they don’t need to invest a portion of their budget on in-house writers. All they need is a writer – or a team of it – that takes care of content requirements at the right time.

Virtual presence is more than sufficient for companies to get things done. A brief on the requirements and a quick liaison for iterations and suggestions is all that is required for a writer to get started with his or her work. When you have an in-house writer, it is not every single day that you would have a writing task. It comes in bulk usually and during instances of campaigns. The rest of the time, the writer awaits a fresh set of task. During such cases, you are not just incurring expenses on retaining the writer but on his or her operational costs as well.

What your brand or business needs is a team of virtual writers, who are part of your processes but aren’t. Consider the writing wing as a plug-and-play model, where you get their services and relieve them. This works better for your company in the longer run.

From a writer’s perspective, you can engage on more than one task at a time and not restrict yourself to working with just one company for years. The exposure you get on subjects in this case is limited to the domain of your company. If you are really looking for a career in writing, you need to work on different writing styles and on projects.

The Pendits is a platform designed specifically to bridge this gap. We help companies achieve their content marketing visions and goals with our writers and invest the expenses on the salary of an in-house writer on other requirements. We also help writers gain substantial experience and exposure with our projects and offer location independence. It’s a win-win situation for anyone involved with quality at the fulcrum.

So no matter if you are a company or a writer, you can always get in touch with us for your needs!

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