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Factors To Consider While Working with Writers for Your Projects

Like we all know and agree, one of the toughest things today is finding an ideal content writer for a project. There are tons of good content writers but the ones who would actually complement your business and project visions are really rare today. It is hard for you to stumble up on them, hire them and work with them for your campaigns and jobs. If you haven’t worked with a sensible writer, let us share the fact that they complete your ideas even before you convey them. They also know the right approach or direction for your project and would contribute from their exposure, experience and insights to your work rather than just completing a set of tasks. However, that’s the cream of advantages of working with perfect writers. The challenge is in finding them. Most often, we tend to settle with writers and that does not give a holistic approach to our project or complete it.

There are tons of concerns that pop out when working with writers. The more you address them, the better the quality of your project would be. So if you intend to work with a writer, here are some qualities he or she should possess.

Quality Years of Experience

Not all those who read classic English literature or use flamboyant words in their posts, letters or musings are good content writers. Writing is an evolutionary process, where it takes years for writers to discover their style of writing and connect with audiences. You cannot weigh your project up on writers who are freshers or lack a substantial work experience as writers.


One of the major shortcomings clients or employers face when it comes to working with freelancers is that they generally tend to take deadlines for a ride. Also, as recruiters, we do not have to reveal all our plans about the project but limit the requirements to what a writer needs to know. But the understanding does not happen the other way around. They would not sometimes realize the dominos effect involved in maintaining a strict deadline, leading to a rattle in your project schedule. So, when hiring a writer, ensure deadline and communication about it are given top priorities by the writer.

Payment and Pricing

Years of work experience and pricing go hand in hand. You can see the stark difference between the prices quoted by an experienced writer from a fresher. The former would have had experience getting published on magazines, high authority websites, blogs, podcasts and more. On the other hand, a fresher would try to cope up with the existing market pressure by quoting a standard prize without substantiate reasons. Consider this difference!

How The Pendits Differs?

One of the ways The Pendits makes it easier for clients and businessmen in finding ideal writers for their projects is by assessing the quality of writers and their work through a rigorous screening procedure. From fundamental grammar and attitude towards work and commitment, our writers are handpicked. So they automatically check all your requirements.

Plus, our pool of writers is always on standby to ensure your deadline or schedule is always on track. With The Pendits, your work is never over due. We also work on stringent payment and recognition systems, where you get the work on time and our writers get paid on time as well. This balance will help our writers go an extra mile in delivering the quality required. The Pendits is your convenient portal to hire the best writers in the country for your projects. With dedicated project managers, you just have to sit back and get work done. Get in touch to find the ideal writer today.

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