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How Market Surveys help companies to create a personalised Content Marketing Experience

Keeping your business stagnant isn’t that tough as fulfilling the ever-increasing customer demands and clutching to the grounds in the market. But seems like the changing demands of the customers is keeping everyone on their toes and still, there is no relief from the upheaval that it creates in the market. It is time to make a strategic plan and execute it proficiently. A Market Survey is a great idea to know your audience a little closely.

What is a Market Survey?

Market Surveys are analytical surveys that the company conducts, both physically and virtually, to know the expectations of their target audience and consumer inclination towards a product or service. Even though the virtual approach is prefered largely as it is fast and easy. The information and data collected are then put to use by the company through changes in their existing methods of approaching the consumers.

How Content Marketing is getting benefited by Market Surveys?

When Social Media is creating a roar in the market, there is a constant need for heavy, cumulative content that could entice the customers to click on your website. But a continuous flow of balanced content would make the work easy. So, how do we know which kind of content engages customers? The solution is Market Surveys. Market Surveys provide you with ideas about your future contents and it also engages the customer in an interactive content. While conducting the survey, you are providing your customer a chance to reciprocate.

How to use Market Surveys in your Content?

Market surveys have the potential to be resourceful in framing content strategies and providing a refined and clear picture of the same. What you need to do is identify the valuable content that needs to be put up to secure and enhance your brand image through White Paper, Blogs, Digital magazines, Email Newsletters and Comparisons.

The important question that still remains is, are surveys helping us in reaching out to people and even if it is effective then how?

What Market Surveys offers to companies?

1. Identifying your Audience: Research about your customers or get to know about them through feedbacks, reviews and existing forums of your competitors’ websites. Be the foresighted one and know their queries and demands.

2. Find out what content attracts them: If you have already identified your audience and is aware of their queries and demands, you would get to know their approach towards a product or service. Personalisation is always the key. Classify your content according to their preference. As in, if your audience spends time on LinkedIn they would like to read elaborative content like blogs and articles, similarly, if they are Facebook or Instagram based, they would like to watch grabbing videos or clips.

3. Strategise and implement content: Now that you know the direction of your traffic, it would be easy for you to focus on content. But plan beforehand, and find out answers to your questions like how differently you want your audience to react to each content? or how will you make your content unique without disrupting your brand image?. If you have answered all your questions you are ready to woo your audience with some amazing stand-alone content.

It is always good to experiment with content but don’t lose your direction. To keep yourself in the right path set up an objective and follow that. Don’t forget to conduct regular surveys, as it doesn’t take too long for an audience to change their taste and don’t go for complicated strategies as that can confuse your customers. Hold on to personalisation like sending email newsletters using person’s names, or interact on social media through AI etc. Keep it simple and to the point. and remember ‘Content is always the King’.

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