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How to Find The Ideal Writers for Your Project?

The only entity standing between your product and your potential customer is content. Imagine buying a packaged orange juice from a shop and not finding any content about what it is made of, the date of manufacturing and packing, some details about the company, expiry date and more.

Taking this to another level, imagine you run a travel agency that takes care of bespoke tourist packages. But your website just contains the name of your brand, a few images of holiday destinations and just a contact us page. What do you expect your customers to do now? What are they supposed to see? What are they supposed to understand from your website about your product or service?

But that’s not the worst part. Blank web pages are fine when you compare them to pages containing pathetic web content. While grammar and spelling errors fall under the third circle of catastrophes, the first ones are made of poor messaging and approach to target audience. When a potential customer finds your website on a Google search and clicks on it, he or she wants to seek information or probably a resolution to a plaguing concern.

At that time, when you stand in front of your customer with poor content that does not have an approach tailored to a target audience persona, is plagiarized or is too generic with not takeaways, you are not just wasting your lead’s time but spending money on grabbing attention for nothing as well.

That’s where experienced and sensible writers come into action. With the industry already becoming diluted with people ready to write for the most frugal of amounts, quality is taking a hit and most brands only realize this at later stages. So if you are looking for a qualified content writer to work with, make sure he or she meets your requirements. This can be assessed by considering the following factors.

Exposure to Diverse Niches

While most people look for writers who specialize on one particular niche of content or industry, we say it is better to explore the opportunities of working with writers who come with interdisciplinary backgrounds. The more exposed your writer is to diverse industries, the more relatable and practical content you will get from him or her. That is because such writers know the knack of infusing points and aspects from other industries that work to the benefit of the niche your business is into. The takeaway quotient is more with such writers’ work.

Writers’ Inputs for Better Output

Often, there is a gap between what writers provide as content and what is expected out of them. This happens because of instances like lost in translation, lack of clarity from the recruiter or others. In such cases, it is always better to ask writer about his or her thoughts on how the project can be made better. Their experience, insights and exposure would only make the output better. Before collaborating, a discussion on the writer’s perspective can increase the quality of your content. This also gives you a chance to understand the competency of your writer and quickly work with someone else if he or she does not seem confident.

Paid Test Samples

Today, most projects are ghostwritten and most writers are bound by NDAs that govern their abilities to share their works to other potential clients or even mention any such instance. As recruiters, you would get an NDA signed before collaborating with a writer as well. So it is best to respect each other’s non-disclosures and go for a paid test article. Paid test articles give you an idea whether the writer would be able to pull off your requirements and give the writer the confidence of working with you as well. In either case, it is the output that is getting better.

Though there are other factors like pricing, turnaround time, academic qualification and more, none of them matter as long as you ask get the factors we have mentioned sorted. At The Pendits, we have the most competent writers for your projects. To find and work with one, get in touch with us today.

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