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How to get influencers to share your content?

Take a step back and recall what is content? How is content useful to boost your brand image? Why is Content essential for marketing? What is the hype all about? When you can answer all these questions, you know about the significant role content plays in everyday life of individuals, brands or industries. 

Content is an expression of information, delivered to an audience through any means of communication like speech, writing or even miming. Yes, you read that right. Miming also has a script and is a form of content. It’s a dynamic world that needs dynamic expressions to connect to each other. Content shared by an expert, whom we know as an Influencer can create a notable impact over the website or page in Content Marketing. 

Who is an Influencer?

An influencer is an individual who utilizes their power of knowledge, experience or authority to influence the market and marketers. There is a need for influencers, as they build trust among the audience. What does a common person trust upon? A brand or an individual? Of course, an individual is more trustworthy and dependable as compared to a brand (from a third party perspective). In a study, it was revealed that around 66% of respondents across the globe, trust an influencers’ content to be relevant. On a broader sense, there are various types of influencers. Like Celebrity Influencers, Social Media Influencers, Blogging Influencers, PR Influencers etc. 

To get the work done, i.e. to bring people to your page, you need a little help from the Influencers. But how do you draw the attention of the influencers to promote your page? Influencer Marketing is one such strategy that is selling well in the market. Let’s take a look at how to get the Influencer to share your content?

If you feel your website is deserted, call out to the Influencers. 

Find the Influencers : 

First things first, know your influencers. As we said, there are various types of influencers, so you need to figure out which type of influencer you would need, to promote your content. For social media content, a social media influencer would be the right person or if it is a charitable cause, it can be a celebrity influencers. Use google, ask your audience or check out to identify the influencers in case you need help. List them down and move on to the next step. 

Provide free publicity to the Influencers :

We all love some limelight and exposure. If we count the Influencers, they live by that. Create content that consists of them (Influencer) as the driving force of the market or their work that would put them into the good books of their followers or audience. It is a human tendency, people share content that uplifts their image. This step would do both, draw their attention to your content and they would promote it as well. 

Invite them as Guest Bloggers:

In case, you want to grab the attention of those influencers, invite them as a guest blogger, to your guest blogging section, and if you don’t it's time to create one, So, you do not just get to introduce them to your own blog, which they would share, but all the ears of their followers. You get the share and the traffic, all at once. 

Asking them to share:

So, now they are either a guest blogger at your website and if you share their content regularly, you have made a rapport with the Influencer. Then, you may ask them to share your content once in a while. Remember to write quality content, that would appeal to your target audience. Any influencer would never share unrelatable content on his page or comment. Also, make sure you are approaching the right influencer for a particular type of content. 

Collaborate with them for an interview: 

You have built an authentic relationship by now, if you just focus on a certain industry, you can ask them for an interview that is exclusive for your page or website. These influencers are known as experts who might be interested to invest in time proving their sincerity to their work. They would definitely bring a huge base of followers with them and also share the interview over their website. 

Final Thoughts

Influencer Marketing is a serious job but there is a lot that can be done once you have built a relationship with them. Influencers are a medium through which you can validate your content. Keep writing, not just to get maximum followers and entice audience but also to retain your existing audience. Add Value to your present blogs and content. 

In all this, if you write for your audience, the influencers may seek you directly to engage with you and collaborate to write blogs and articles. 


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