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Indian companies that converted themselves into Brands with their Content Marketing strategies.

India being one of the fastest growing countries, has always been a great ground for business

expansion and development. It has tremendous potential to uphold the flourishing business sector and with the Start-Up boom and initiatives taken up by the Government of India. The country has been re-writing some brand new rules for businesses. 

While there are many companies who have created an impact in the business sector in India, there are few that have scored an impressive goal with their Content Marketing strategies. They have omitted the previous native rules for business and setting up new standards for their competitors. Content Marketing is kind of marketing that is ruling the business industry since long and it is going to stay. It all depends on how remarkably you could serve content to your customers. There are some companies they have played their own game and won hearts. 

1. Zomato

Zomato has emerged as a name that lingers over the tongue of every gastronomic individual, or what is known as #foodlover or #foodie. What makes it standout amongst the crowd over many other food delivery companies is their strong content marketing strategy. They come up with quirky, witty and illustrative content for their customers. It has gained a momentum with their active posts over various social media platforms. With videos, social media posts or illustrations they have a focused approach to grab customer attention.

2. Tripver

Tripver is a travel company which initiated as a startup and mushroomed out to be one of the best budget-travelling companies. It provides its customers best trips at affordable prices, a boon to backpackers and travellers. What makes them unique is their amazing tour packages and engaging social media posts that would lure any travel junkie to go on a trip along with them. Their social media posts reflect and convey their philosophy of making travel a fun filled experience.

3. Playo

A unique concept of reliving childhood nostalgia yet again. When almost everyone forgot about heading out for a game of cricket or lawn tennis, the Bangalore based company brought back play hours by helping its customers book playground or courts near them and make play buddies all over again. Not just the appealing concept but it comes up regularly with amazing content for blogs and videos. Cheers to them for taking up an initiative by providing its customers the luxury to enjoy outdoor games.

4. Inshorts

When the entire world is part of the same marathon, something had to be done to update your news experience. Inshorts is the company that came up with the idea to summarize long, lengthy news articles into 60 or fewer words. Considering you know what is the magic potion they used to step a foot in the market, Content. It takes incredible credibility to shrink and squeeze an entire news article into few words, yet keep it arresting. Now that is playing with Words.

5. AmulThere is nothing that has not already been said about the brand. Even after decades of being the go-to brand for Dairy products of the entire population, they still do put up a really strong game for its customers. The best content marketing strategy that Amul delivers is their comic- illustrations that highlight the daily buzz. It's to the point, witty and apt for any billboard or even newspapers. That is one socially aware brand to look up to. There are various creative minds that come up with new and engaging strategies every day for various companies and brands. But these are such brands that knock their competitors down with strategic content. Discover your own brand image with such impressive content for your own company with a distinctive objective. 

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