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It’s all in the mind and perception

Unlike machines, humans function differently. They think, sense, process and act differently than a mechanised robotic input-output system. Their reaction to specific situations is a result that depends on various factors like, emotions, personal preference, past experiences etc. Two or more individuals can have a similar opinion and perspective or even different opinions. Their angle of judgement can be biased or unbiased, influenced or independent and it can also change with time. 

On 26th Feb, 2015, an image of a dress got viral and it left half of the world in a state of confusion. The people were bewildered and in constant conflict with one another about the colour of the dress. According to some, they perceived it as blue and black, and for some, it appeared as white and gold. This is known as visual perception, though it depended on the human colour perception, finally, the original picture of the dress was posted which stated it as the blue and black dress. 

What is Perception?

Perception can be termed as the way a person understands, regards, analyses and finally interprets things and occurrences. A simple, interactive game that gave us a hint of perception, clubbed with imagination at a very tender age is the game of shadows or clouds. The young, fresh minds are filled with imagination and they perceive things differently than the adult brain. The adult brain is more fact based, more theoretical. Whereas, a child’s brain is capable of forming and constructing virtual images of objects and animals in shadows and clouds. This is the difference in perception.

Content can affect uniquely to different kind of people 

Consider a movie or a book, whatever appeals to you. Every individual has a distinctive taste in these. They have a genre that they relate to, it can be the style of writing, association with the characters or situations that make the movie or book more likeable for some. The others couldn’t relate to the content and thus are not attracted towards it. 

A writer scribbles what he/she felt at a particular situation. While for a second person the situation is unknown to him/her and so they perceive the content in a different way. That doesn’t make the content incompetent. Content can be perceived differently by different people. However, if the writer is entitled to work in a certain way and he/she loses the flow of it. Here, the content couldn’t convey what it was supposed to. For a reader or viewer it would be difficult to comprehend the actual value and ground of the content, and it won’t reach out to them. 

Don’t compromise but try to wear the writer’s glass for once  We realise, you as a third person need to have the content written in a certain manner, it should reach the target audience that you cater to. As we know every writer has a style of writing that he/she excels in. Let your writer take their creative liberty and develop a content for you. You be the judge of which one would appeal to your audience but try to wear your writer’s glasses for once and perceive the content as he/she framed it. You may also ask for directions on how to perceive a specific content and then decide for yourself.  Writers try to deliver quality content to you. It is better to have a conversation with your writer so you both are on the same page. Your ideas along with your writer’s ideas can make content stand out.

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