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Lead Nurturing Emails: A Quick Glance at the Power Bank of Content Marketing

Every diligent content marketer understands the importance of email marketing. Email is one of the most used digital marketing tools that help brands and businesses generate new leads and engage effectively with their target audience.

As per Hubspot, daily email users add up to a whopping 4 billion, and on an average, for every dollar spent, email drives an ROI of $36 - higher than any other digital channel.

With the dominance of social media, email marketing may look less trendy, but inculcating lead nurturing strategies into your email marketing can help you drive high-quality leads and conversions.

Here’s all you need to know about running a lead nurturing email campaign and how it can benefit your business.

What are Lead Nurturing Emails?

A lead nurturing email essentially refers to an email that is sent to a potential customer to move them from the consideration stage to the decision-making stage of the sales funnel. Such emails showcase the product or service in a more detailed manner, highlighting the best features and encouraging the reader to progress further with the brand.

The main purpose of a lead nurturing email is to encourage customers from 'considering' the brand to making the final purchase. In most cases, a lead nurturing email usually highlights the nitty-gritty of the products or services that are offered. A good lead nurturing email engages with your audience and ensures continuous interaction with your brand or business.

Why Do You Need Lead Nurturing Emails?

Before understanding the significance of lead nurturing emails, you must know why leads must be 'nurtured'.

The main aim behind sending a lead nurturing email is to appeal to human emotion through user-generated content. With a lead nurturing strategy, you can influence your target audience into purchasing your product or service.

The lead nurturing email can help users to make a decision on whether they want to shop or not shop the product or service.

Now coming to the vital question, why are lead nurturing emails important?

1. Lead nurturing emails are a highly cost-efficient way to generate new leads. It is one of the highest ROI generating digital marketing tools.

2. Lead nurturing email campaigns also help in increasing sales. Studies reveal that nurtured leads help increase sales to over 50%.

3. Lead nurturing campaigns require very few manual hours. You can easily automate your entire lead nurturing campaign and make sure that every new potential customer receives nurturing emails instantly.

3 Popular brands that ace the art of writing Lead Nurturing Emails

1. Grammarly

If you are a Grammarly-user, then you know how their emails speak. Their lead nurturing emails give a quirky, clear and crisp difference between their free and premium plans. The off-beat language and the quirky style make it hard for anyone not to read them!

2. Canva

Canva, the popular beginner-friendly design tool helps to create unique and customizable designs as per our whims and fancies. The lead nurturing emails from Canva urges users to opt for the 'Pro Plan' and also lists down the top ten templates of the week.

3. Skillshare

Skillshare is a learning portal that offers a diverse range of short-term learning programs. The lead nurturing emails are designed in such a way that they send a reminder regarding the renewal or purchase of their e-courses. Their smartly framed emails also include CTA that has a design pattern which is simple and contrary to any traditional email.

6 Parameters to Keep in Mind while Writing Lead Nurturing Emails

The lead nurturing process does not occur instantly. The way to create a lead nurturing campaign requires constant efforts through trial and error.

It is important to build a relationship with your customers, and to do that, you require a good understanding of your target market, build trust among your customers, and a consistent email pattern.

Here are six best practices to follow while creating your lead nurturing emails.

1. Keep it short

Email marketing experts advise to keep the lead nurturing emails short - between 50 to 125 words, and never exceeding 150 words. The content of your email must be clear and conveying to the potential customer at a glance.

You must NOT resort to adding any additional or unrelated links as they can reduce the opening rate or subscription rate and decrease the effectiveness of your lead nurturing campaign.

The limited word count can be compensated with catchy images that explain the cause.

2. Keep it brand-centric

A significant role of your lead nurturing email campaign is to project your brand or brand voice. Your emails must align to your brand’s Unique Value Proposition. Through the lead nurturing emails you bring the target audience or potential customers closer to your brand and build familiarity. This in turn helps nurturing trust and brand loyalty, nudging them towards future purchases or subscriptions.

3. Keep it relevant

Speak directly about the topic or the matter that the lead initially converted on. Do not waste time or words on product features or services that do not relate to the need or the problem the lead is trying to address through your brand.

Highlight the relevant features that the lead is interested in and conclude on the note of how useful the product would be for the potential customer.

4. Keep it Informative

Let’s put this upfront, not all lead nurturing emails are promotional or have to be ‘salesy’. Focus on providing the reader some valuable information. The content in your nurturing email must be similar to mini blogs that give brief but specific information that the lead is looking for.

Eg., Emails with “How to..” or “ 3 ways of salvaging your business …” and similar cues will intrigue the lead and prompt to read through. Such educative or informative emails ensure better opening rates.

5. Keep the flow

Whether it’s the tone of your content, or your style or design pattern, you must stick to a pattern. That means, you must ensure the flow across all the emails in your lead nurturing campaign. This helps to create consistency and relevance for your potential customers.

6. Track your metrics

The final, yet foremost thing you must do is to take into account all the metrics of email testing. You must track metrics such as click-through rate, open rate, deliverability rate and the number of un-subscriptions of every campaign consistently. You must analyze every key metric and adjust your lead nurturing emails accordingly.


When you understand the full potential of lead nurturing emails and what they can do for your business, they become a formidable weapon to win over customers, break-in through tough competition and retain customer loyalty in the market. To engage your audience effectively, create smart and attention-grabbing emails that you know will never miss the eye of the reader and intrigue hers or his interest. If you wish to know more on creating engaging nurturing emails that multiple your leads, get in touch with ThePendits, and make your upcoming lead nurturing campaign a huge win!

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