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Personality Development: exploring the true form of one’s identity

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Personal Development is a dignified term for tidying up your secret cupboard and throwing the skeletons out! It isn’t just about rediscovering yourself or eliminating what’s not needed, but rather working towards a better awareness of one’s body and mind.

According to experts, personal development is a broad genre that can be difficult to implement and lengthy to obtain. It denotes digging deeper into your Self, confronting those flaws with a healthy attitude and rectifying them with perseverance. But once mastered, it can make you glide through life with a contagious positive attitude.

The statistics on the influence of and the demand for personality development programs are interesting. It states that each year more than $500 million are spent by people on personality development boosters. How much are those products or programs beneficial? Are they a fad? Or are our rooted personalities malleable indeed with scope for progress?

The need and the benefits of Personality Development

The spectrum of personal development differs from individual to individual. It can be holistic or specific –pertaining to a particular bottle-neck that you struggle with mentally or emotionally. Certain aspects of our personality may require a push-up - like maintaining a positive attitude, instilling confidence or cultivating focus in life. The key factor, however, is to recognise the sore spots, accept them and be dedicated in your attempts to bring in the change.

The right development of personality helps a lot in the right positioning of emotions – a progressive control over and a healthier expression of thoughts and feelings. It assists you in better communication and decision-making and helps you gain a better direction in life.

Let’s take a peek into the many benefits of effective personality development.

1. Self-awareness -The need for personal development is essential to awaking self-awareness. Ask yourself some basic questions: what your beliefs in life are, the purpose that will make your life fulfilling, or what brings you happiness?

Most of us may not be able to answer the above questions with determination. Our previous patterns and experiences in life would often come up as a hindrance to having faith. It is here that personality development helps us to confront our subconscious patterns and deal with our mindsets. It eliminates doubts, increases self-esteem and helps you get a better understanding of yourself. 

2. Direction - Now that you know the much-needed answers, you should invest all your energy in hunting for a direction; a goal. Goals keep you engaged in doing something constructive every day.

Personality Development helps you find the right direction that you need in life and makes sure you are not distracted. It makes the Law of the Vital Fewin action and also makes you focus on greater things in life and ignore the petty and misleading ones. After all, it’s about the bigger picture! 

3. Motivation- A push is all that it takes to grow in or out of an idea. Motivation keeps one going and Personality Development is all about enhancing what you already have. It is, in fact, a journey and each day you commit to walking a step further, motivating yourself to walk through the path of self-development and, finally, life. 

4. Resilience- The winds of change are inevitable in everyone’s life. Whether good or bad, situations are unavoidable and a person needs to cope up with these responsibly. Personality Development strengthens your will and generates the confidence to change negative circumstances and move on. Staying calm, composed and resilient towards any unpleasant circumstance is the key idea behind personality development. 

Effective self-coaching to achieve personal development

There are multiple ways in which you can help yourself, even while you choose not to seek external help. The best way to begin is to start believing in yourself and keep an open and positive attitude to whatever comes your way that can build you up. However, to do this, there are certain elements you need to adopt and practise.

1. Refine Your Body Language

Body language is considered an integral aspect of non-verbal communication. Almost all of us are adept at reading other’s facial expressions, recognising the pleasant or the unpleasant. Body language is very similar to that.

You can communicate to people with your gestures or body movements, showing your inclination to, or disagreement with a conversation. A lot can be predicted through your body language - the emotional state, confidence, assertiveness or even fear and low-self-esteem.  

2. Be a Good Listener

Some say listening is an art and not all can be good listeners. Being attentive to another person’s verbal or emotional articulations is a major concept of personal development.

Active listening is one thing you want to ace if you wish to project your personality as open to new ideas or sensitive to other’s emotions or value others’ opinions. Also, it would help you in the long run in your personal and your professional life. 

3. Build Confidence -It is a concept that develops with time. To wear confidence on your sleeves, you need to have a greater sense of self-acceptance. Though it isn't always easy to build this integral part of Self, Personality Development helps you garner your confidence and implement it in your day to day life. 

4. Learn to Empathise- Along with self-awareness – recognising one’s needs and patterns - you also need to acknowledge those of the others. The absence of empathy would keep you aloof from the rest of the world and isolated within the boundaries of your selfish comfort. Personality Development enhances your innate quality of empathising with people and understanding or sharing their emotions better. 

5. Be Mindful- To be better humans, people need to let go of their past and live in the present. You can be emotionally invested in your past and that could keep you entangled in negative emotions, attitudes or behavioural patterns, with very little progress in your life's path. The deliberate and dedicated process of personal development can help you embrace your present and have positive outlooks towards your future. 

Wrapping it up

There is nothing that man learns in a day. Evolution took millions of years and your self-growth will take its time too. Do not get discouraged if self-expectations disappoint you! Take help from in and around. Learn to motivate and encourage your Self; induce positive thoughts. The goal is to keep moving; forward and higher.

Remember, you have an objective, a purpose in life that you need to achieve; and all your actions would either get you closer to your goal or further away. As the famous words sum it up, the spirit of rewiring your innate being is about inching forward, and not give up.

“If you can’t fly, then run.

If you can’t run, then walk.

If you can’t walk, then crawl,

But by all means, keep moving.”

-Martin Luther King Jr.

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