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Revamping Your ABOUT US Page for Better Sales in 2021

Yes, the A’s and U’s of the About Us page are shifting gears fast.

And if you intend your brand name to stay afloat on Google currents post the tepid tides of 2020, it’s high time you pay attention to this seemingly-stagnant little page on your website.

We all know about the About Us page. Once upon a time, it was a page that people would skim through or skip. But today we know better. And we do spend some time crafting it. After all, the content is always consistent. It is about the company, the business, or the brand: a brief history, the team, and the Why?-s

Should there be anything new?

There better be, if you wish for better digital footprints in 2021.

Perhaps your online visitors do not stall their trip through your website at 'About Us'. Perhaps they move on to instant-gratification pages like Services, Product Gallery or Contact Us.

Nevertheless, the About Us page has the immense potential to transform into a goal-oriented sales page. It can highlight your brand’s biggest selling points and create a great first-impression on curious customers.


The About Us page is your attached resume on your website. It can impress, bore or deflect your customers or target audience.

The page is an extension of your Home page and displays your brand values, your mission and purpose as well as your Unique Identity in detail. A business website is intended to provide information and convince the visitors, converting them, in turn, to potential customers. And the About Us page is just the right place to get that done!

It is a page that your prospective customers check without fail.

Before making the final decision to purchase, a potential customer would want to know from ‘whom’ she or he is buying. What authenticity the brand name has and its credentials.

It is your formal introduction

The About Us page is where you can take the liberty to blow your trumpet. Here’s where your first-time visitors, customers or target audience can understand what the brand is all about. The link to your About page is your resume that you send anyone to give a brief up about your company or brand.

It is the first step to Awareness, Conviction and Trust

The sole purpose of your online content marketing strategy is to build trust and convince your potential customers. That’s a role the About Us page does without any frills and frolics. It is straight, honest content about you; your growth, achievements and what can be expected of you.

Did you know?

As Blue Acorn stated, backed by their surveys, the chances of purchase were five times more for those who visit the About Us page than those who didn’t. Also, the customers who visited About Us spent 22.5% more on purchases.


1. Make sure it is interesting

As the surveys go, the more customer-visits your About Us page gets, the more sales it ensures. Also, the more interesting your page is, the higher the purchase rates go. So make sure to build your About Us page as interesting as possible to maximize the revenue.

An interesting About Us page is not only a butter-cream icing for your brand image but can be effectively deployed for strategic SEO marketing.

Tell A Story

According to brain scans, customers rely on emotions rather than information to evaluate and trust a brand. So tell them your story, rather than bragging about your ‘bulleted’ achievements like a self-absorbed bore. Let them relate to you. Build familiarity. They will trust you and love to get back to you.

Throw in Pictures & Videos

Add in flavours like interesting behind-the-scenes pictures of your team, work-in-progress videos or links to success stories. People love watching images and videos rather than reading long text.

Play with your Content

Present the content in an interesting way. Add catchy one-liners and captions. Stop the readers on their way and retain them longer with authentic high-quality and spiced-up content. Avoid mundane jargon and monotonous narrations.

2. Make it Informative

We tend to keep our About Us page rather simple, with “nothing more to say”.

On the other hand, it is fundamental to make the page action-packed with engaging elements. Remember, you can make your About Us page the primary junction en route to the more active parts of your website.

Give all the necessary information about your company that your customers need to know. Add your credentials.

Display customer testimonials or provide links to the testimonial page.

Add links to interesting case studies, if any.

Provide links to contact details, services page, product gallery or blog.

Add an interesting CTA.

Ensure that the About Us page guides your visitors to the other prominent pages of your website and not lose them halfway through the track.

3. Make it Progressive

Do not let your About Us page be a full stop.

Do not stop with your story and credentials. Tell your customers how you intend to grow and serve them better. This will build brand image and loyalty.

Let your vision and mission speak with clarity to your potential customers and be reasons for them to stay with you.

GET THE TONE RIGHT – Saying it right on the About Us page

If the design of your web page creates the first impression, your content sets the tone for your brand.

When your content is tailor-made for your target audience, they are more likely to get inspired and provoked into action, even if they were not planning it.

Getting the tone of your About Us page is rudimentary in ensuring better conversions.

You or I?

We know the basic principle of any business: It isn’t about the company but the customer. Many advise on keeping the focus less on yourself and more on your customers.

But remember, as the title itself claims, this particular page is all about 'us': about your business, or brand.

Yes, you don’t have to boast, but know the balance.

If all you talk about on the About Us page is how you can appease or serve your customers, they are going to get disappointed! The wisdom is to know how to be honest and tell your story, simultaneously convincing them how you can serve them well.

Make an impact on your business with well-balanced and high-quality content. Get in touch with ThePendits.

Be Assuring – add the benefits

As a continuation to the above point, give your customers a glint of how they are benefited from your story or your experience.

Turn the focus on your UVP or your unique identity to promise them better purchase-value and customer-experience.

Ensure Credibility

Yes, you can showcase your credentials, achievements, testimonials on the About Us page. You may not get better note-worthy layers on your website to talk about them!

Display your team, founders, and partners. Add faces to bring in that human touch and build trust. ‘Real’ faces have an instant impact on people. They make the organisation more tangible and relatable to customers.

Evoke Action - A clear CTA

Be an usher-er.

We know that almost every web page ends with a clear CTA. About Us is no different.

Lead your audience through the page. Prompt them into action.

Give provoking CTA content for your customers on the About Us page so that you wouldn’t lose them half-way through.

Never Forget Your Target Audience.

Always write for them.

Did you know?

Personalized content instigates better sales as it inspires 9. 34% of consumers to go for an unplanned purchase (

Your About Us page does not have to be a boringly formal one to look professional.

Keep the persona of your target audience and what information they might be looking for on your About Us page as you create the content.

To know more about influencing your potential customers with effective email marketing and personalised content, check our blog on Letters that Will Change Your Business


To brief up, what are the essential flavours you need on your About Us page the coming year?

For a quick list, check whether all of the below points or more than half of them fits your About Us page:

➢ It communicates the story of your business and its growth.

➢ It effectively describes the purpose of your business and your Unique Identity

➢ It briefly talks about the benefits or how the business serves the customers.

➢ Gives the backdrop to how your products or services are made.

➢ Has a face – features the founder or the team.

➢ Includes persuasive content – images or informative videos with relatable/human touch

➢ Has fluid high-quality content that converses easily with the readers

➢ Engages a friendly, casual tone that makes the customers comfortable and relate to.

If you are keen on revamping your About Us page to usher in more sales the coming year, get in touch with our content consultant now. We are driven to make businesses better.

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