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Role of Content in Digital Marketing

Just imagine a world without Google. No Information at ‘just a click’, still restricted to encyclopedias and dictionaries, the only source of finding age-old news, would be newspapers stacked in libraries. That is scary. Google these days is the beacon of light for everyone. Be it a homemaker, looking for work from home jobs or an IT engineer having a White Coloured job. Google is used in every household or office every day. 

Now, think about those social media ads or videos, an empty website with no blogs or articles, no infographics. That is digital marketing without content. There should be substances that you need to promote, without substance there is no point of driving traffic. Moreover, what for?

‘Content is a vital part of Digital Marketing that helps us promote a service or a product better through the internet.’

Content is inseparable in context to Digital Marketing 

Imperative to be informative- Content is helpful to educate your audience about your website and answer basic questions about it. It’s educative, informative and helps them to analyse your website with the quality of the content. The FAQ’s and the web content is an essential part of creating a website and promoting it. 

Content helps in Google Ranking- Everyday, there are millions of people who use Google for research purposes. So, how do you find the desired result in Google? You type the keywords and that’s how you find respective pages. Various content in your website helps you jump up the Google rankings. All you have to do is insert appropriate keywords.

Encourage engagement- What is the prime objective of Digital Marketing? To bring traffic to your website through various ways. Writing good quality content would always entice customers. A relevant content that appeals to the customers, it will be appreciated by people and it is the job of the digital marketing executives to share the content over social media. So the customers hang on to us. 

Sharable content paying leverage- There is a need for content that is sharable over social media. Every business has at least one social media account over Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn. There are content specific to such social media sites, so people share these content with one another at ease.

Content makes you earn authority- When you write articles or blogs you are creating an image that you know what you are doing. You know your industry and hold expertise in what you do. With write-ups, you are educating your prospective clients about the industry. 

You build trust with your clients by providing valuable content, so you see people

sharing links and references. That’s how you know you have an authority in the


Content as the foundation of Digital Marketing- Every social media post, voiceover in videos, scripts, content over pictures and ads or campaigns. Without content, there will be no redirecting to landing pages and no links that would lead you to the companies website. 

Every Digital Marketing strategy has a place for Content and hence Content Marketing is picking up the trend. They both are interdependent and hold much value if done right. 

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