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Some evoking inspiration from the leading lady of the 18th Century- Jane Austen

The gradual shifting of British Literature in the 18th century was astounding. From the Age of Enlightenment to Romanticism. One such author who stood out among the many famous British authors was a country women. Jane Austen is an acknowledged female author of the 18th century whose writings have changed the perception of Modern Literature.

Though her earlier works were much critiqued by the 18th century society, she was later appreciated for her style of writing. It was fresh, modern and a work of art. What made her the famous, remarkable author that we know today, is her domestic writing about everyday life of complex characters. She wrote her pieces, when nobody talked about the life of subtle middle-class people. Her perception towards things was different from the others, which made her the leading lady of 18th century British Literature. 

She believed in literary realism, and took inspiration from in and around, family, relatives and neighbours. Out of her eight major works, seven were phenomenal and celebrated. Her best novels are Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility and Emma. A lady, who empowered women of an entire generation with her strong female characters. She was so well aware of the problems of that era that she embedded such issues into her detailed storytelling. Her contribution to literature continues to be remembered even today. 

“It isn’t what we say or think that defines us but what we do” - Jane Austen

Her writing style was contemporary modern, realistic and satiric with a tinge of sharp wit. Austen was an Oxford student, though she dropped school at the age of nine, she was home schooled by her father who was a rector at Oxford. Her intelligent, skillful work witnesses by her readers express her love for literature. Though the Women’s Liberation Movement didn’t start in Europe until the late 1960’s, all her works applaud feminism. Be it ‘Elizabeth Bennet in Pride and Prejudice, ‘Elinor’ in Sense and Sensibility or ‘Emma’ are narrations of headstrong women. We find the refection of herself in these characters. 

“I hate to hear you talk about all women as if they were fine ladies instead of rational creatures. None of us want to be in calm waters all our lives”

This women’s day let’s celebrate the thought that Austen propagated all her life. Even though she was scribbled her own beliefs in her work, she made sure people hear her out. We need to hear such voices. There are many, who need to be heard and many who have already made an impact. It’s been 200 years since she left, but her works are immortal and so is her perception of the society. Today, women have the same thought that she had about two centuries back. Women are not precious, don’t let them feel fragile. They are as ordinary as the others. 

The whole conception of feminism is not a battle of the sexes, it is about equality of rights and opportunities. It is not one above another, it is about all together. So, people let’s make this Women’s Day not just about hailing women for being the female population, but about all those who are in seek of inspiration, motivation and support. Let’s make feminism right. #LetsMakeThingsWrite 

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