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The attribute to regulate the flow of traffic to the Website through various Content

Content Marketing has evolved to be one of the greatest strength of Digital Marketing strategies these days. Content Marketing is a prefered form of marketing among companies because it grabs attention of the target audience. It promotes the brand or company indirectly and subtly without being too on the face. 

But putting up the right content, at the right time, for each platform on the internet is a difficult job in its own. You never know which content would click with the audience and be the brand image. Listed below are few potentially great formats of content that engages customers and draw leads.

Blog Posts

If we talk about content, blogs are one content format that resurfaces on our mind immediately. It is the most popular and generates website visits. A research conducted in 2017 says that even one or two posts in a month could create 100 new visits. Remember that a powerful, quality content improves SEO and Organic traffic. A 500- word blog should involve not such free flow of writing but also images or videos to engage people and relevant keywords. So put up your best game with thorough research. Guest Blogging is a good way to expand your audience and pitching your voice as a brand.


Posting regular interviews of different experts from the industry is going to fetch you a fixed audience that would be intrigued to know directly from the professionals. The valued information is shared and circulated among others and originate traffic. New and original subjects would position your company as an expert brand to your target audience.


Infographics are visual representations of well researched facts and figures that are compiled into a chart or a diagram. According to Search Engine Journal, infographics are more likely to be read by people than articles or blogs. It educates the audience about the whole scenario very briefly and easily in a glance. A data is elaborated really well through statistics in an infographic. 

Quotes within an image

For Social Media Marketing images are a must. It speaks louder than words trapped in double quotes. There are social media platforms that are character specific like Twitter, or image inclined like Instagram and Pinterest. What appeals to the people are pictures or images that includes short, crisp quotes. You can put your thoughts into words and infuse a picture with a quote with tools like Canva. Images are shared twice as faster than any other form of content. 

Surveys and Polls

Surveys and polls are great Content that could bring the social media buzz to your doorstep. Surveys and Polls can be of different types like On-site, Off-site or email. The best part about these are that they need not be very well researched, people just need to put up their opinion and that's it. It engages people and portrays customer's demand really well. It may be in the form of a pop-up, multiple choice or yes or no format.


An e-book is a lead magnet, it is informative, elaborative and useful for the audience. But the content of the e-book should hold a value in people. It should revolve around the challenges or difficulties that customers face. An advantage of an e-book is, it provides information about a customer. The customer must feed some information about themselves in exchange for a free download of the e-book. It could be useful for the company to store that information for later use like sending personalised emails or newsletters. 

The idea is experimentation. You need to keep changing your strategies regularly and notice, how the execution of each content brings various reactions. A content can work well at a particular platform but fail to grab eyes in some other. So, regular updates about the preference of the target audience is a must. These formats are some ways that can bring traffic to your website. 

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