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The Evolution of Content in the month of February

Apart from the business calendar, every industry follows a ‘Content Calendar’ dedicated to each month of the year. It is a marketing strategy to draw customers to their brand. This is a customer centric approach used by various industries to promote their product or service, around a specific season, date or event. The calendar not only briefs you about the content of the month, but also its colour palette and discounts or offers.

The marketing approach changes with each month, as in January is the month of starting afresh focusing on New Year, February is the month of love revolving around Valentines Day, March is the onset of spring and the end of the financial year as for various industries and thus the Content Calendar progresses.

The February Affair

This blog provides an inside look on how content is developed and how various industries put up their best game in the month of February.

1. Greeting Cards- What better way to express love to loved ones, than a greeting card? Conveying feelings in merely a few lines. Well, Archies have always done the job well, be it Valentine’s day or Birthdays. Content plays a vital role for a brand to convey sentiments. They have a valentine’s day section dedicated especially to celebrate love throughout the month of February.’s-day/greeting-cards

2. Chocolates and flowers- A box of chocolates and a bunch of flowers is what a bundle of care and warmth looks like. Companies like Cadbury have always found lovely ways to promote love through their advertisements and taglines revolving around Valentine’s day.

Sending and receiving flowers on Valentine’s Day is a ritual for many, and websites have painted their pages red and pink with captivating offers, and content. Ferns and Petals have done an amazing job to entice customers to their website with the ongoing fever of delivering love to the doorstep.

3. Travel Websites- Travel websites curate packages and holidays for Valentine’s Day and get blogs written on various romantic destinations best for a weekend getaway. Make my trip is one such travel company which does justice to the month of love featuring exclusive travel packages for couples. They develop content strategies in the form of various articles and lists.

4. Jewellery and Accessories- Since years, jewellery and accessories are known to be tokens of love. They are considered timeless pieces, and the companies are well aware of that. So, companies like Tanishq and Daniel Wellington have taken up initiatives with writeups about love and featured videos to celebrate love in different magical ways. her/

5. Beauty and Lifestyle- The e-commerce stores make it big during this month of February. They promote content through makeup and beauty videos and lifestyle blogs. There is a huge market that soars during this month with offers and discounts that pushes sales and marketing. Nykaa, Amazon and Flipkart are such e-commerce platforms that try and create their brand image and market value during this month.

All these industries follow their Content Calendar and generate revenues by promoting their brands that revolve around events like Valentine’s Day.

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