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Top Ten Eye Care Hacks for the Monsoon and Beyond

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Monsoon is that time of the year when the weather takes a toll on your eyes.

The rainy season is an incubator for contagious viral eye infections. The harsh rains and wind storms could also bring in foreign debris while you are outdoors or traveling on two-wheelers. No wonder, one needs to take extra care of one’s eyes to retain their natural charm and health.

Eye-care doesn't stop with the monsoons. As one of the most delicate and integral organs of our body, the eyes need proper maintenance and nurture throughout the year and round the clock.

Here are a few must-do eye-care tips to help you wade through the monsoon rains without blinking an eye!

Vital eye care hacks for healthy eyes

  • A splash a day . . .

. . .keeps eye infections at bay!

An indispensable eye care hack, washing eyes with drinking water at room temperature is the key to maintaining a lustrous eye. Keeping these delicate sense-organs is vital. Monsoon is a breeding season for eye infections. People often complain of redness and itchiness during the rains as loads of dust and debris could hit the eyes while outdoors.

So, remember to splash fresh water gently on the eyes every time you get back home. As a precaution, don’t go overboard as too much water could lead to dryness of the eyes. Also, take care to gently pat the eyes or area around the eyes with a soft cotton cloth.

  • Keep your basic hygiene

Monsoon is a season that calls for extra hygiene to stay healthy. It is also a season for contagious eye infections due to the consistent moisture in the air. Hence one must give priority to personal hygiene and use one's own hankies, towels, and napkins to prevent the transmission of infections. Those who use contact lenses must clean the lens without fail, to eliminate any minute dust or debris from monsoon storms.

  • Wear your monsoon shades

Do not tuck your sunglasses into the cupboard when summer gets over. They come to your rescue even through the horrid rains during the monsoon. The Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology (IITM), states that UV (Ultraviolet) radiation remains high during the monsoon season, as the aerosol layer gets washed off. Hence, even when it doesn't look sunny, the UV radiation level could get hazardous for the eyes.

Check the UV Index in your city before venturing out and do not forget to wear your shades. They also shield the eyes from gusty wind and debris during the rough weather.

  • Warm-up for cool eyes

Warm compression is one of the easiest home remedies for tired and puffy eyes around the year. Soak a soft cloth in warm water, rinse it well and apply it on closed eyes to relax for some time. Warm compresses help relieve mild eye conditions like itchiness, red-eye, dryness, styes, and other infections during the monsoon. More so, this home remedy also adds moisture and improves blood flow to the eyes' capillaries and relieves eye pain. This process can also release the strain from eye muscles. As a point of advice, the water should be just lukewarm for the eyes.

  • Soothing cold compressions

Yet another wonderful tip to care for eyes during any season, cold compression can help relax the eyes. Tea bags are one of the most effective, easy, and natural compressors for the eyes. Keep used tea-bags in the refrigerator for a while. Once they turn cold, place them over closed eyes. They are great relievers for strained or tired eyes and remove puffiness and dark circles.

  • Limit your eye make-up

You do not want to walk around with mascara and eyeliner smeared all over your face during the rains! Monsoon is a time when you go stingy with your make-up, in general. It particularly applies to eye make-up.

Try to limit beautifying your eyes and brows with heavy cosmetics. Avoid liquid -based cosmetics for the eye as they could drip easily in wet weather and even harm your eyes. If necessary, use water-proof and smudge-free eye make-up. Go simple and sweet this season with lighter shades and organic koal sticks that would do less harm even if it gets into the eyes.

  • Blink the stress off

One of the best ways to release stress and soothe tired eyes is by blinking often. Long hours of work, lifestyle issues, stress, prolonged screen usage etc can strain the tear glands and induce dryness. Blinking helps retain the moisture in your eyes by smearing the cornea with tears. It also helps in squeezing the Meibomian glands that lends an oily layer to the tears that helps get rid of foreign debris.

  • The cucumber effect

Nothing comes as handy as a few slices of fresh cucumber or potato from your kitchen counter to bring back the sheen to weary eyes. Using clean and thin slices of potato and cucumber over closed eyes for 10-15 minutes can leave you with a rejuvenated feeling. The enzymes and the astringent qualities present in cucumber and potato have skin-tightening properties and reduce inflammation. Additionally, these handy and natural boosters also help with clearing puffy eyes, eye bags and dark circles.

  • Artificial eye lubricants to refresh the tear glands

Visiting an ophthalmologist for a routine eye check-up is recommended to keep your eyes healthy. For those who experience dry eyes, consult your eye specialist regarding applying medicated eye lubricants (or artificial tears). They can refresh the tear glands and add moisture to your eye, keeping irritations and seasonal inflammations at bay.

Healthy eyes are the key to a beautiful face. Your eyes are the mirrors that reflect your emotions, well-being, and good spirits. Hence, keep them healthy, safe, and protected throughout the changing seasons with a regular health care regimen.

  • Food for your eyes

Regardless of all tips and hacks, nothing replaces a nutritious diet for healthy eyes in the long run. It is imperative to have a balanced diet with loads of greens, fruits, and vegetables that supplement all the needed vitamins and minerals to the eyes. To name a few, citrus fruits are magical for the eyes. So are cold-water fish like salmon, tuna, and mackerel. Also, fruits and vegetables that are rich in Vitamin A like carrots, papaya, cucumber, leafy greens or legumes keep your eyes clear and strong.

Drinking enough water adds a glow not only to your skin but also to the eyes. Be it summer, monsoon, or winter, drinking plenty of water and fluids retain moisture in the eyes.


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