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What are the Best Keyword Research Tools of 2019?

If you have a website, you might already be familiar with the term SEO and Keyword Research, Meta Tags etc. Google has definitely made our life easy, but it has also increased the competition in the market. Do you realise that there must be millions of websites maintained by thousands of people belonging to the same industry, with a single objective, maintaining high ranking on Google? But, the question is how does it work? Why does your website appear on the third page of Google Search and why are your competitors all lined up on the first page? 

Actually, this is no longer a difficult question to answer. Google it, if you are still unsure. You don’t need to run back to a Digital Marketing Agency to answer this question. The simple answer is, you need to optimize your website. By optimizing, we mean to play the game by the rules. Your website needs to be designed in a way, that could draw traffic. Keywords play a vital role in SEO. So, start with altering your website content with value adding keywords. Start Keyword Research, right away!

Understand Keyword Research

Website Optimization is a comprehensive process, however, you can start with keyword research. Just, for instance, your company is into the food industry, having a few chains of restaurants serving Vietnamese cuisine. How will a food enthusiast find you? This is where Keyword Research is the most useful. You need to find out those keywords that can be usually used by people, that will directly be applied to your industry, your business (product/service). Once you figure out such keywords, you need to insert such words into your website, so Google bots could pick up those relevant words and put you in the organic listing of the Google page. 

How do you find relevant Keywords?

Ask the experts or a more suitable way to find out appropriate keywords for your website, is to make way for best Keyword Research Tools. These tools would bring about some decent traffic to your website. This time change your perspective and regulate what your audience needs and ultimately finds on your website, the organic way. But, don’t overstuff. Overstuffing of Keywords can lead to penalization by Google. You need to know the fitting placement of each keyword. At the end of the day, you need to enrich your audience. If you just add keywords, you won’t be able to educate your audience and they won’t find any takeaway. Finally, they would prefer the next website to you that caters to their needful query. 

What are the best Keyword Research tools?

  • Google Keyword Planner- This is a free and most popular keyword research tool. Its popularity is due to its association with Google Adwords. You might want to find out what are your fellow competitors paying for using each Adword, also you get the reliability of Google. The tool is pretty simple for new websites.

  • Keywordtool- Do you know anything about long tail keywords? It is two or more words that, when combined together that make up as a phrase suitable to be a keyword. It has been observed that long tail keywords work better because the audience knows what they want, they need to just choose your product or service based on how convincing your website is.

  • Long Tail Pro- This is a premium keyword research tool. You get to know extensively used, powerful long tail keywords for your website. It is so powerful that it can find such keywords that even Google Keyword Finder can’t find. 

  • Ubersuggest- There is an absolute difference between a good and a brilliant software. Ubersuggest fulfils all the criterion of a brilliant software. First, it’s free and second, you can actually find out keyword research based on local and regional slang. It also evaluates the traffic of your website based on the placement and density of your keyword volume. 

  • Keyword Eye- It promises to be better than Google Planner. However, you can be the best judge. It is free, fast and puts its competitor Keyword Research tools to a test. It is a sure way to boost website traffic. Also, you know what your competitors are opting for, makes you ask the relevant questions to the audience by complete analysis. 

There is a distinctive difference between all these, but they all are the best in the market, at present. They are widely used as they let you be in terms with the past, present and future of your website, that too in a user-friendly language. These tools are your experts in the industry, they have maintained the climb of various companies of diverse industries. 


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