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What are the common Product Description mistakes you must avoid?

Be a product launch or an e-commerce website elucidating about their product, it must educate people. It must capture the essence of the product even without a high-resolution image displayed for the convenience of the audience. Though it seems easy, it is not. Companies hire expert content writers to write product descriptions for them, and it is definitely not an easy job. There are evident mistakes that could drive traffic away from your website, the reason? Vague product descriptions.

Mistakes that must be avoided while writing a Product Description? 

A lot that can go wrong when you just want to educate your audience about the product, so it’s advisable to hire a writer or outsource your product description needs. Let’s check out the mistakes that are usually observed in Product Descriptions.

No in-depth knowledge about the product- A writer needs to know what he/she is explaining about. There is a clear distinction in the writing style of people who have checked the background of the product before describing it and in the style of a person who has a vague idea about the product. Gathering knowledge about any product is important to educate the target audience.

Description doesn’t or give limited information- The whole purpose of a product description is to render information to the audience. If the complete information doesn’t reach the people then there is no point. Hypothetically speaking, if you are talking about a gadget and you don’t talk about its features and how different it is from the rest, you don’t solve the purpose of a buyer. 

Grammatical mistakes- Let’s be honest here, a grammatical error leaves a sour taste in the mouth and you don’t exactly expect such things happening over a public domain. This creates a bad impression and ruins the brand image. From established e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart or renowned brands like Apple, you expect quality and premium services. Such petty mistakes should be consciously avoided. 

Putting up Duplicate content- Some e-commerce websites have a standard image with its description copied from other websites. This is unacceptable if you want to set up a an brand value for your company. It is embarrassing for any website to have duplicated/plagiarised content displayed over it. According to customers, a genuine company would never have anything else than original product descriptions for public view. 

No connection with the customer- At the end of the day, you are putting up content for your audience. You might have adequate knowledge about the product but if you fail to convey the knowledge that you have to your target audience, you fail in your job. A customer would have numerous queries before he/she purchases a product, and your product description should dissolve all those queries. Putting up technical jargons would not mean anything to the audience. Thus, connecting with your audience through your work is important in any creative field. 

These are some of the mistakes that people generally turn a blind eye to. However, your brand name is at stake if you don’t present a website that fulfils the standard you’ve set for your customers. The industry is packed with companies that promise to serve the need of the customers, so one silly mistake and you give away your place to your competitors. 

There are experts for all jobs, and there is a reason they are known as the experts. It is always wise to welcome experienced professionals. If you are a startup or a mid-size company, try outsourcing your content needs. This would save you a ton of money and you would get your content ready on time. If you want to look no further, contact ThePendits, the Content Writing Experts to help you out with your content needs.

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