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How small business owners can ramp up their product description game

For your small business, any good content is marketing. Traditional advertisements, blogs or social media campaigns do create brand awareness and can drive the crowd to your website or online stores.

But, the publicity ends there and reality begins. And you need to make sure it doesn't bite!

Consumers now want to get to know your product: view it, read the descriptions and make sure it is what they came for.

That is where the story begins: of creating product descriptions.

Making them honest, yet fascinating. Enticing yet convincing.

You lose balance, you lose your customers!

A product description is what narrates your product to your eager customers: its features, qualities, merits and benefits. It convinces your customers why they should buy the product.

A well-written product description hold the key to conversion and seal the deal online - one of the significant reasons why you should pay attention to them.


Effective descriptions accelerate your sales as they explain the product’s unique value proposition convincingly to the customer.

A weak product description can drill a hole in your marketing campaign as customers would lose interest and move on to better options.

Inaccurate or vague descriptions, lack of proper information or clumsy language in your product descriptions serve as short-circuits on your marketing platforms!

A well-written, authentic and convincing description, on the other hand, can build your brand image, and reliability.

If you are offering a service, then your Service Descriptions convert customers by giving them an effective solution to a frustrating problem. If your service description can hit the nail at its head and address your customers’ pain points, you will win a loyal clientele online.

A well-constructed product description serves many purposes.

It can serve as a well-optimized summary or representation of your product and can be utilized in the content repurposing process. It can be the inspiration or the foundation of further content development, and also influence your sales pitch.


What do buyers look for in a description of your product?

What influences them?

We all tend to focus more on ‘selling images’ than ‘describing the truth’. Calling a spade ‘a spade’ doesn’t work well with online customers either!

You need to know the art of narration that would tell the story of your product.

Why does your brand of green tea taste better? Where does the tea leaves come from? Why does it guarantee a radiant skin’?

Today’s online customers research well before buying. Even if that’s a three-ply surgical mask with melt-blown fabric!

They don’t merely look for benefits. They look for extra benefits! They compare, inquire around, bookmark your product, move it into the cart, and may leave it there if they are not fully convinced!

Your customers wish to be thoroughly impressed before they click the BUY button! Today’s customers choose with their hearts and buy with their brains. Your product description better appeal to both!

All the more reason why it must provide all the relevant features, convince the customer of the benefits, and move their hearts and brains to push that cart to the proceed button!


A great product description is like a highly flavoured cuisine.

It evokes the five senses. A creative narration uplifts your product description from bland “facts” to alluring imageries and assured promises.

You must handle the language carefully – the words, phrases, spelling, all are driving factors in buyer-behaviour.

Your product descriptions must:

  • Address your target audience

  • Be SEO optimised

  • Not exaggerate

  • And, be readable and “shareable” by your customers.


If all this information freezes your brain, do not get desperate.

Professional Content writing service providers like us make your job easy. A well-crafted Product Description requires SEO blended content marketing skills. Experienced content service providers like ThePendits know the pulse of the audience and help you create the most engaging and convincing description for your product or service.

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