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What Exactly is Content Marketing?

First of all, I personally feel weird to call one of the most ideal ways of reaching out to people as marketing. Frowning already? Well, here is the distinction. Marketing I when you emphasize your brand, product or service and prioritize one or all over the needs and concerns of customers. Marketing is when you intrude an individual’s free time between work and life to introduce him or her to your products or services. Marketing is when you spend tons of cash on the visibility of your brand and see only brand recall as the only quantifiable value.

But is content marketing all about these?

In fact, content marketing is the exact opposite to any of the instance we mentioned above. Content marketing is not prioritizing brand or sales over the concerns of people. It is putting them before our brand and trying to help them achieve an ideal solution. Content marketing is where you use the power of words to help the people in your target audience in addressing their concerns and finding resolutions. Content marketing is enriching the lives of people you care about and target. It is adding value to the brand you are working for, which by the way fetches loyalty as a reward and brings in sales as well. It is turning your readers into your evangelists by giving them what they deserve and not what you think they want. Content marketing, I feel, is an inappropriate terminology in the digital space here.

So What Exactly Happens in Content Upliftment (Can we call this instead)?

If you notice, this digital space is offering us a lot of things to worry and get concerned about. From our data being used without our consent and automation taking over our jobs to eCommerce websites offering the best of deals, we are in constant need of opinions, advices, suggestions and words from influencers and others. This is where content upliftment comes into action.

It is any form of content that educates and enlightens your target audience about a concern they are facing at the moment through your brand or business. Remember the fine line that runs between selling your product or service through content and using your brand name to push informative content. Content upliftment is devoid of a sales pitch and does not expect conversions (though it fetches more). When readers are looking for ways to fight cart abandonment in retail stores, your brand that deals with data science can give enlightening insights on Wi-Fi analytics. When you establish your authority in what you do, you are automatically convincing your readers that you are the best in what you do. It then becomes easier to push your products to them once they are interested.

Content upliftment also involves content in diverse forms. You can present one piece of information you have in multiple formats like podcasts, blog posts, infographics, YouTube video and more. The projection of information boils down to your target audience and it is you who has to decide which would work for your audience persona.

In short, content uplfitment requires time and effort as investment but the rewards are gold a couple of months down the line. With social media platforms changing their algorithms without notice, it is always good to build assets around your website to retain constant flow of traffic years from now.

If you are looking for effective content upliftment strategies, we are here to help you out.

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