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What to avoid when writing a blog post?

When you are done reading where to start when writing a blog, this is the next thing you should be reading. If you already know the structure and the flow to write a blog, this would help you avoid some mistakes that generally sneak through. Though with precision, you can cut to the chase and reach your audience. For beginners, we are going to discuss some crucial points, when penning down your thoughts. It can be challenging to manage both the creative and technical aspects, but in order to write a successful blog post, you would need a little help.

Committing to blogging can be a task, if you don’t know how to proceed. There have been times, professional bloggers have accepted that they have been through rough patches. You need to gain some insights that are followed by most of the bloggers, maybe even your favourites. For your ease, we would be dividing this blog in segments. So, we make sure you don’t do those blogging blunders anymore. Let’s get started.

The Platform

We would all agree to one thing, an artist needs a platform to display his/her talent. Blogging is an art, and that makes you an artist. So, if your platform is not ‘Good enough’, you are missing it right from the beginning. Beyonce is a performer right? If you don’t give her a stage to perform but just sing, how well would that seem? Exactly, you can be a great writer, but the platform presents you. It holds you up in the crowd of a million. Put some credit to the platform you are using and make the best use of it. Here’s the thing, you need to have much more than imagination and creativity to be a blogger. You better work up on your platform before you start blogging.


It is not about marketing, marketing is important, but promotion as in voice. You need to have a voice. Individually, for a community, for a company, be it anything, you need to set up a voice. No, I am not talking about audio. An identity of its own with a touch of the brand you want to promote. If it’s a personal blog, you know where to head, implement personalization. If it’s a company you are writing for, do your background research thoroughly. You don’t want to contradict what your company once stood for. Yes, the ideas can change but not the vision behind that idea. If you have already started blogging, but haven’t paid attention to the rest, you might want to reboot.

Complete your Blog by avoiding these

We would now be discussing the various sins of blogging. Yes, they are called sins for a reason. Once you start making these mistakes, you are putting up a wrong picture. Well-known bloggers avoid such mistakes to dive audiences and increase page visits. So, what exactly are these sins? Let’s find out.

  1. Haphazard ideas into a bowl- We all have solved Jumbled words, and consider this much like it. If you just keep on adding blogs without a format or a structure, you are leaving your readers confused. But, that’s not the agenda, right? You need to prepare a flowchart if you think you have loads of topics but can’t explain them in one blog. Then don’t, prepare a flowchart that helps you keep a track of all the vital ones that would be the first to appear and then subsequently you can follow them up with the subtopics. Easy?

  2. Bluffing- We all think it’s easy, but actually it is not.  Never think you are above your readers and could bluff them into believing anything. You will be making a terrible mistake if you think so. If you don’t know about something, do not blog on it. At least not because everybody is doing it. If you want to write something that is trending, acquire information about it. Why am I saying so? Because knowingly or not, we all have made the same mistake. You have half or some information about a topic and the entire blog is beaten around the bush. That’s not fair on any part. So, if you still want to address the topic, invite a guest to write a guest blog for you, a person who is a domain expert.

  3. Forgetting to credit resources- We all love a well-researched blog. With adequate facts and figures and information from credible resources, is often called a rich blog. However, what if you do not provide or forget to provide credits to those resources? There are multiple reasons to provide reference over the subject sourcing or resourcing, claiming it is the just thing to do. But why?

  • You are backing up your perspective with some other relevant sources that have dealt with the subject, prior to your blog.

  • You are creating outbound backlinks for your blog.

  • If you do not credit the resources, you are claiming it to be yours and that is considered plagiarism as per Google.

  • You are also assuring your readers that you have done some homework before you stepped into writing.

  1. Missing the point- What are blogs? Accumulation of thoughts, ideas and perspective jotted down into a digital interface specially directing a targeted audience. Let’s assume we all have read a lot of blogs before emphasising the idea of creating one of our own. Among those there are some blogs that we generally like better than the others. Why is that even a question? It’s simply a choice right? No it’s not. Some blogs appeal more to you because they have not lost themselves in the minute, tiny details and forgotten the point. That’s correct, a reader would gradually lose interest to move ahead if they realise you have been keen to give out other information rather than getting it the point.

  2. Do not be obvious or repetitive- You know your audience better than anyone else, so you also know how much insight they contain. So skip the obvious and start from a fresh note. Yes, being relatable is important, you want to sound like you are writing for them. Also, do not be repetitive if it’s not needed. Engaging your readers is an art and you are pursuing the art of engagement, so don’t be boring. An interactive blog has all the important parameters. Like add a tad bit of humour, be a little conversational and write about your experiences. If you want to you can put them across a cliff-hanger that would keep them hooked to read your next blog.

We would not recommend you to be conventional. Every blogger has an individuality that reflects through their writing. So, if you have some other points that you tend to avoid while writing a blog, let us know. We would love to learn more. Also, if you think you are a greater writer and ready for making it a profession, join hands with ThePendits and become a writer. We would love to have some excellent writers on-board. We are a content writing agency trying to do things differently and add value to creative, business and technical writing.    

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