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Where to start, when writing a blog?

It's been a while that blogging has been riding the wave as an effective business tool. caught up with the trend. You have seen it all, from personal blogs, to travel blogs, lifestyle, technical, and business blogs. But, when you sit to write one for yourself, you have no clue how to do it? We can help, though you need to be patient. So, if you are just looking for something ‘very to the point’ and momentary, you probably aren't in the right place. Here we will precisely talk about blogs and how they are constructed from scratch. Thus, there is no specific way to write blogs, you have to do that for yourself. We won’t be paving the way for you, as it is for you to decide how you need to build the personality of your blog. However, there are certain key points that you must decide beforehand. This not just provides a direction to your idea but also helps you fabricate it strategically and analytically.

Then comes the best part :What are the stepping stones that will lead you to write a highly appreciated blog? At this point of time  you may be having a hundred thousand questions in your mind regarding the HOW? So, let’s just try to answer all your queries and help you figure it out. 

  • Objective- What made you think about writing a blog in the first place? It is a basic subject of contemplation but it is crucial. You need to figure out the intent that you are serving with your blog. Is it just gonna be a journal where you would pen down the usual or it would be directive towards a specific cause? Generally, blogs serve two very broad purposes, i.e. to entertain or to educate. Once you have recognised the relevance, you can proceed further. In the absence of a strong objective, you will feel lost in the long run and that could eventually shrink your interest.

  • Identifying your audience-  The second aspect of writing a blog would be identifying your target audience. If you haven't thought of this at first, you are not alone! There are many people who start their blogs without knowing whom they are addressing. If you don’t have a clue about who your readers are gonna be, then you need to do some homework. The internet can be your saviour. All you need to do is take some reference from others and you would get to know your audience.

  • Know the suitable topics that appeal- Though this sounds easy, it is not. Your title is the first thing that your audience would read once they stumble across your blog. So, it must be “click-baity”, crisp and still has the essence that you want to capture through your blog. Having a usual boring topic would find it difficult to reach the people. Adding to it, keep a consistency among the topics. It should add some value to the readers’ knowledge and also align with the concept of your blogs. This is a difficult part and takes time, as it would be the foundation  on which you can forecast the future of your blogs. Some pro tips might be, try to curate sustainable topics that have relevance in the present market rather than just putting efforts to work on trending and short lived ideas.  

  • Style and arrangement- There is no question that setting the objective should be the prime focus when starting to write a blog. However choosing a style and a basic arrangement is the next thing you might want to take up. By style we mean the format in which you want to continue writing blogs in future. For example, some blogs are formal, some conversational. Some layouts can be constricted, others may have a free flow. Maintain consistency if you wish to retain your visitors. 

  • Strategize your blogs- A  thorough research is necessary to set up the background of your blogs. You need to lay an order in which you would update your blogs, a strategic planning. This is not easy. Analysing the market pattern, demand, reader behaviour  etc are some of the many factors that you need to keep in mind while strategizing your blogs. Be a visionary can look through the fog and mist. Take very calculated risk and keep evaluating your performance from time to time. This way you  will be able to keep a tab on your reach and gain valuable insights on how to enhance the reach of your blogs. There are various factors that are essential while strategizing, be open to modification at any given time and learn from your mistakes.

  • Staging/Scheduling- It is much like staging a play. You need the props, costumes, microphones etc. These enhance the mere dialogue delivery of the theater artists and thus reach the audience through a better channel of both audio and visual coordination. Scheduling a blog is the same. Before you get into the technical aspect of it do the basics, gather reliable resources, images, videos, statistics. Your headers, subheaders, bullet points are all important to create an impact on the reader.These make your blog readable and would help your readers get the essence, even if they skim through the content.  That is called a standard blog format. It meets the requirements of the reader. 

  • SEO- Do mind your SEO. If you want to top the Google pages, and drive more traffic to your blogs, start paying attention to SEO. Search Engine Optimization is your go to get organic traffic. Enrich your blog with appropriate keywords, metatags, meta descriptions, inbound and outbound links etc. Google will identify these keywords and help you get a better ranking. Optimize your blogs by also producing regular content. Also, know your competition. Plagiarism plays a vital role, so don’t let google identify your content as plagiarised. Pass your content through a plagiarism checker, and limit the plagiarism percentage to a minimum of 3-5% 

  • Get the domain authority- If you want to be a blogger, you need to have adequate knowledge about the domain. You want to be heard, and your audience will only hear it out if you have a hold over the particular domain. It is absolutely peculiar how people choose their domain experts. So, to be one, you need to make people feel that you possess enough knowledge to pen it down on a platform. Once people get to know they are reading a professional, you would see the change in the traffic over your website. 

These are the criteria that  must be considered before you start writing a blog. We hope we  were of help here to get you out of your dilemma. We would love to guide you further through your blog-building. Please do get back to us for more on blogging or if you would like our experts to write for you.

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