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Why and how is Email marketing a good lead generation method

Lead Generation and it’s conversion is a challenge faced by every company. Every year prominent business strategists and analysts plan, and execute various projects that direct to lead generation. No, it isn’t a round table conference, it is an assumption along with a process oriented recapitulation of things that has brought them down to draw the conclusion. However, every industry is different and unique its own and hence their approach to generate lead is quite different to each other. Even today, one of the most successful and operational ways to generate lead is Email Marketing.

What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is a channel through which businesses stay connected to its customers via email. It is a traditional method which is still useful even in the era of instant communication tools like Twitter or WhatsApp. It might be posts, news, greetings or invitations, email marketing is best to inform and educate your targeted audience through a broader and wider network. So, even after the social media boom, Email Marketing still is used widely by companies.

How is Email Marketing helping companies in lead generation?

There are various ways to help companies generate leads through emails. The best proposed practices are:-

1. Relevant content through Newsletters – For sending out newsletters we need the email addresses of prospective leads. Sending out newsletters with relevant content to the leads will act as a brand recall to them. They might turn into customers for your business. Despite the open rate of the email being low with some industries having less that 0.5%, the fact remains that it’s reached the person’s inbox and he/she would for a moment associate with your brand and remember that you exist.

2. Gated Content- An effective way to generate leads is to send gated content through emails. Gated content are information on white papers, videos or posts that are provided to the users after filling up a form. Quality content is appreciated by all, so you give them the educative information in exchange of their email address. This is also known as incentivising the customer to give out their details.

3. Be to the point- When you are sending emails, do not forget to be direct and precise. Try to convey the objective of the email in about 50-60 words. In a survey conducted in 2018, it has been observed that most of the companies sending out emails featured write-ups that were short and served the purpose.

4. Mention the source of email id if it’s a cold email: It has been observed that when you mention the source of the email id of a person, the chances of him/her responding are much greater since you take the effort to mention how you came across their email id. This garners trust and increases the tendency to receive a response.

5. Triggered Emails- Email Marketers should develop trigger emails. Trigger emails are automated emails that get activated and sent, when the visitor performs specific actions on the website like not signing up for your service or not purchasing the product after showing an initial interest. The triggered mails or snail mails helps you with the automated follow- ups. What one needs to keep in mind is that these mails should provide some value to the person reading it. This way, they look forward to the next email and when the last email is provided with an actionable item such as a discount or special offer, the chances of acquiring that customer rises by 80%.

6. Make your Emails sharable- Your emails should be tailored in a way that it is shared and forwarded to others. Your audience still believes in sharing valuable, educative content to family and friends. Try to make your emails cater to a larger audience and create content that would also interest them.

7. Send personalised emails- Sending personalised emails to cold contacts can yield brilliant results. is a company that’s dedicated to lead generation by sending personalised emails and identifying prospects before sending them across to you.

These are some of the Email lead generation tactics that would maximize your investment at a minimal cost. It can be a slow process but has always provided positive results. You just need to know the type of content that is liked and prefered by your audience. Email Marketing Campaigns can actually provide genuine leads.

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