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Why is Content Reviewing important?

To answer this, think of a publishing company without an editor. How does that work? We don’t know because there has never been one. Content Reviewing is as important if not more, than content writing. The Quora link takes you through the job profile of a content writer, that too in detail. However, in brief, content writing is a creative process, you plan, structure, align the references and then start to develop the content. This is a time consuming process and a writer can put his/her biased or inclined inputs to the write-up. After it is done, you need a reviewer. 

Who is a reviewer? 

A reviewer is a person who cleans and neatly packs the write-up. As the name suggests, a reviewer is a second pair of eyes to the writer. Responsible to take a thorough look at the write-up and make it flawless. By flawless, I meant to take an impartial side and make it work for the third party. Little trivial mistakes can also cause significant damage. 

Why should you hire a reviewer?   

The same reason you hire writers. Writers curate content and the next step is to make it error free. So, you need a reviewer. Generally, companies try to cut down the expense and hire a content writer who also does the reviewing. That is a major mistake that they need to avoid doing. A person who writes cannot review his/her own work. There are severe chances that they will overlook their mistakes. So, the final product that we put up on the billboard of a megacity or the blog on the company webpage may have some glaring errors. You need a reviewer to avoid this. 

Does reviewing means to change the idea of the writer as per the requirement of the third party? 

The whole point of reviewing is to strengthen the content, keeping it neutral. Of course, the requirement must be the first priority. It must be aligned to the idea of the client or third party. Other than that the reviewer must respect the perspective that is taken by the writer. He/She must have their creative liberties, so the reviewer must work keeping both the individuals in mind. their job is not limited to change the content and construct it as desired by the third party, the reviewer must be well informed of the subject matter and take responsibility to position the content in a way that connects to the third party, its audience and doesn’t lose the essence of the writer’s creativity and credibility. 

The Pendits     

We are the content writing platform that serves every content need of heterogeneous industries. How are we different from any other content writing firm? We have explored the content sphere for 2 years now and could sternly say how reviewing can be as beneficial as writing. Inspired by it, we have set up a process that stages three subsidiary measures before we deliver content. Writing > Reviewing > Plagiarism check. There are two separate content experts who are responsible for writing and reviewing. It also undergoes a plagiarism check by a standard tool known to be reliable in the industry. Visit our page to know more about ThePendits . So, the next time you visit ThePendits, you know you will receive quality content, processed by professionals. 

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