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Why Start Writing a Blog?

This is not an easy question to answer. The purpose of every blog is different from another. Personal Blogs (Journals), Business Blogs (Marketing), Professional Blogs (Career), Reverse Blogs (Guest writeups), Media Blogs (Vlog) etc are various types of blogs that we come across every day. Nevertheless, we will be discussing business blogs today. Why do companies need blogs? What is the relevance of blogs for various industries? We will answer all but let’s start with the foundation of all these. 

What is a Business Blog?     

Business Blogs are also called Corporate Blogs, meant to reach organisational goals. It is a marketing strategy to gain online visibility and relevance by driving traffic (targeted audience) to the website. You have an official company website, however, due to a specific reason, it has turned out to be dormant. A dormant website is everything you don’t want the company to be branded as. You need to update your website, put up content on it so it is termed as an active website. 

Content can be of any form, web content, forum or blogs, as long as it is adding value to your present site. Frequently updating business blogs are great up to emphasise on the content aspect of your website. ThePendits recommends you to update blogs at least once a week. 

How can numerous industries get benefitted by putting up blogs?    

If you already know how Google ranking works, you might have got your answer. However, for the people who are novices in this sphere, let me explain the process. You have a website because in this digital era it is essential to create an online presence. So, why doesn’t it get attraction  like your competitors? The reason is your website is inactive and an inactive website would never go up the Google rankings. Google crawlers and bots continuously search for new content over the web and any freshly published content grabs the attention of the crawlers, thus creating an impact for traffic to divert to your website. More visitors means better Google ranking and more revenue.

So every industry has very different requirements to another, how will you structure the blogs? 

Your business blogs should revolve around the sphere/domain of your industry. For instance, you have a logistics company so your blogs should put up every minute update that is going on in your industry all around the globe. What you would require is a dedicated blog writer, who would constantly search for some new. By doing so, you are letting your audience know that you are the domain experts, therefore you know what’s going on around you. The different technologies, modern strategies, collaborations, news and reports are all crucial, and your company abides by all those frameworks announced by legal bodies or innovators. 

What does ThePendits say?  

Don’t strain yourself searching for a domain expert who keeps a keen eye on your industry and would be perfect to pen down your content needs. Hire a virtual writer, exclusively for you and set up a goal to make each word count. Once you are associated with ThePendits, we take it from there to make your website prominent among all. Education, Health, Beauty, Lifestyle, E-commerce or Technology, we have content writers for all your needs. So, you could plan the next strategic growth tactic and let us take care of our online traffic.  

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