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Why You Should Include Podcast In Your Next Content Marketing Strategy?

When people think about content marketing, they think about content that are visually attra

ctive and interactive. It’s been years, the same has been applied and then reapplied. Social media posts, videos are tried and tested formulas. However, podcast is one such weapon that was introduced over a decade back, 2004. Though it took time to reach the masses. 

What is a Podcast? 

Creatively speaking, Podcasts are blogs that you narrate. It's a series of spoken, audio episodes, often focused on a particular topic or a theme. Indian market is booming with succesful podcast series. There are various applications and websites that provide podcasts as a service upon subscriptions. There are various kinds of people in the world. Some are attracted to visual creations, other to audio. Podcasts are meant to exercise its charm on those who love to listen to audio and that is a major population of India, the county of storytellers. 

Why is Podcast picking up the trend?

Simple, multitasking. The same reason, you can do other things while you listen to a podcast, which provides relevant information. Ask yourself, do you retain a thought just by reading? Maybe, Maybe not. Hence the saying, we always need to hear it from someone else, in order to believe it. When the experts talk, we tend to listen. We understand that they have a better knowledge about the industry and so, we hear them out. You might be driving, cooking, or cleaning, you have the convinience to listen to a podcast.

Benefits of a company podcast

Ruling the audio channel- Your brand is already on social media, banners and hoardings. So you have already tried to capture the market with the usual. It is time to rule the power of audio. Try to influence the people through podcasts. This will broaden your spectrum of your audience. It creates customer engagement and thought leadership- You need to reach out through different mediums to let your customers know that you exist. Not just exist but you and your brand are a level apart and the best at what you do. Not just the audience, let you competitors know that you are different from them and you know the market well. Enable you to tell the company story- You can connect to your customers in a different level when you bind to your audience. People like to hear things and follow them from a person that they know personally. Blogs, articles and whitepapers don’t display the connect that they have with the brand. While in podcast they know they are listening to a person directly connected to the industry.Creates an online community- Podcasts are known to create an online community on its own. A person giving valuable information and insights are highly appreciated by people. Podcast gives leverage to your audience by enagaging with your brand through the internet. It develops loyalty in your customers as the information is coming from a authentic, reliable source. 

As podcasts continue to grow in popularity, every business will try to offer their own branded podcast to mark a territory over the content market. Incorporating a podcast into your content marketing strategy is a cost-effective way to help develop the authoritative presence of your business, expand your current audience reach, and boost brand awareness and loyalty. 

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