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Why You Should Use The Pendits Instead of Hiring Freelancers

Let’s face it. Most of us have had an unpleasant experience working with freelancers. From concerns on delivery quality or improper communication to poor turnaround time, we have all had our shares of shortcomings getting our projects completed with a freelancer.

It is only very rarely that we come across one who actually shares our wavelength, thought processes and commits to the tasks we share. Unfortunately, however, they end up being expensive most of the times.

Well, to put an end to all such pitfalls and loopholes, The Pendits is here to take ownership of your content writing projects, commit to deadlines and assure you premium quality work. If you are wondering if we are any other freelancing marketplace, you are wrong. We stand out in a myriad of ways and this post is all about shedding light on some crucial factors. Read on.

Highest Quality Content

Impeccable grammar and unique content are the fundamentals of any content writing project. But a pro content writer is one who builds on these two aspects to deliver a profound piece of content that connects with audience. An article shouldn’t be just well researched, it should sense the concerns of your target audience and involuntarily pull them towards you. And this feat can be achieved by not just good writers but sensible ones – ones who have experience and exposure across multiple domains, are well read and have sound opinions with backing substantiate facts and figures.

Apart from these, such a writer must also be able to articulate his or her opinions well to further validate points. On The Pendits, you will only find such writers as we handpick our collaborations after putting candidates through a series of tests and assessments. The ones who come out shining make it to your projects.

Deadlines and Delivery

Adhering to strict deadlines is one of the most primary requirements of recruiters. However, not many freelancers understand the logic behind strict deadlines. That’s because they fail to see the domino effect associated with it. We had mentioned it on our previous article as well. The fact that most recruiters have a stern schedule associated with tasks does not completely reach freelancers. With The Pendits, it’s an exception. We are not a network of writers but a team of one. When we anticipate a mild delay in project delivery, we quickly assign the task to another writer to ensure all your dependent tasks do not get rattled.

Sensible Content

If you observe, quality content is different from sensible content. You can get quality content written by any fresher or freelancer, who would just give a basic content that passes. But you want content that make sense, that connect to readers and urge them to take a decision you desire, don’t you? Our writers take pride in giving you what is necessary and what is required. Sensing readers’ expectations and offering them a takeaway they would ponder over after reading is something to achieve and at The Pendits, it’s the standard benchmark we set.

Besides, working with us is very relieving as well. Instead of getting stressed on delivery and quality concerns, you can work on other tasks that need your attention and get content at the right time. With The Pendits, you have a virtual team of writers away from your place of work on standby.

All you have to do is get in touch.

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