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Your Must-Have Video Content List for a Highly Successful Marketing Strategy

Videos are here to stay.

Whether you are into it or not.

Perhaps you are planning to try them out; have already come up with one, or wondering whether you really need to.

Well, here are a few statistics:

  • According to 87% of video marketers, videos gives them a positive ROI

  • 91% of marketers view the pandemic as a triggering factor in the rise of video as a more powerful tool for brands.

  • For 68% of consumers, the pandemic has influenced the time they spent on online video content with the rates increased than ever before.

  • YouTube and Facebook remain the most widely used platforms for video marketers.

As per the Wyzowl researches,

  • Video remains a key ingredient for marketers with increased influence throughout 2020, and is reported to soar higher in 2021.

  • The pandemic has led to an increased amount of videos online as people were hooked on to the social media platforms.

  • Marketers feel reassured about the ROI for video as it is apparently influencing the traffic, sales, leads and customer-engagement.

  • For consumers in 2021, video is an integral part of brand experience and are looking forward to more in the coming years.

If you are still contemplating, speculating or planning about your video content marketing strategy for 2021, here you go:

Why would you want video content to be listed in your brand marketing strategy?

Because videos are fun, great attention-grabbers, directly connect with your customers and influence them. Videos:

Evoke emotions:

Videos can influence the viewers effectively much more than text or images. When a video showcases a happy ‘customer’ the viewers – or potential buyers also feel it and relate to it. All that you want to tell your customers and convince them is accomplished in a few seconds-long video.

Excel in visual appeal

People love to “watch or see” things. Videos are a treat to the visual senses as they are moving images rather than static. Hence they ensure undivided attention from your viewers.

Email subject lines that include “video” were seen to have increased open rates by 19%. Click-throughs were an amazing 65% while unsubscribes were cut down by 26%.

Ensure maximum retention

Video has a 95% retention rate. People remember visuals better than written information. As emotional connections are made more effectively through videos, the emotional centers in the brain get activated ensuring better information retention.

Build credibility

Video content like product reviews and testimonials, as discussed below, tend to build brand credibility.

Trigger more shares

According to Pew Research, 47% of adult users online share photos or videos. Video is more shareable due to its visual appeal and entertainment quality.

Effect better decision-making.

The visual appeal, credibility factor and retention aspects of videos make them more effective in decision-making for the consumers more than print ads or online images.


Here is a quick list of easy video content that could do a great job for your brand and business without tearing a hole in your pockets. They are practical, highly influential and run low on budget while holding your brand up above the post-pandemic tides.


Social Media videos are the easiest and quickest way of creating video content that influences. If you are a beginner entrepreneur or an SME hesitating to dig deeper into the uncertain grounds of elaborate video making, these short snippets would serve you the best.

With social videos you have the liberty to be less formal, less perfect and casual without degrading your brand. Platforms like Instagram engage not-so-high-quality videos. Plus, the social audiences prefer authenticity and creativity in videos rather than perfectionism.

Create short seconds-long videos, or series of videos on your brand personality that are exciting and fun and before you are done, your snippets will be doing the rounds on social media platforms carrying your brand name with them. What better promotion one needs!


“Facebook live stream” made its gala entry back in 2015 rocking the social media and video sharing platforms. Since then live streaming has grown and got embedded into our daily life and business routine. Since 2015, it has increased by 330% on searches.

For a wider reach with your target audience, it is always advisable to incorporate live stream events into your content marketing strategy.

Live videos allow real-time interaction with consumers. Viewers have the freedom to join the interaction/event, creating an ambience of a live event. You may engage live stream videos for various purposes and promotions of your business, be it the launch of a new product, the addition of a new wing, a business merge/partnership or a milestone event in business.

Live videos also guarantee suspense and excitement and unlike webinars, it ensures viewer-participation as they cannot postpone the viewing to another convenient time and later forget about it.

Here are a few facts:


People are always curious about getting a glimpse of the ‘real’ facts behind the scene – be it a favourite movie, the celebrity lives or a factory tour of their favoured brand.

A behind-the-scenes video from your brand not only satiates the curiosity of your customers but adds transparency to your brand, building trust and loyalty.

The video could be as diverse as an event-coverage at your office, a peek into the product packaging, or a day of an employee. Such personal and transparent videos would raise interest not only in your loyal customers but also in a first-time viewer who could be a potential customer. They also boost up employee motivation and belonging while captivating the target audience.

Starbucks knew it as it came up with the behind-the-scenes video of the Barista Innovation Challenge at its Reserve® Roastery in Seattle. The 2 minutes video of the official monthly competition showcases baristas trying out a new drink that is in sync with that month’s theme.

Such immersive experience on your company culture or work flow helps to build a rapport with your audience, familiarising your brand to them in a more personal and positive manner.

Remember that behind-the-scene-videos are tools to showcase your brand character and persona.


Interviews are one of the easiest video marketing categories that you can engage in without any qualms.

They are great tools for brand image building and positioning:

  • Interviews help you align your brand with a prominent figure from the relevant industry and bring credibility through brand association.

  • Interview videos establish your authority in the field backed by an industry expert.

  • They provide your audience greater insight into your specialised areas/service/product as an authority cracks the tough-nut questions of your consumers.

  • Interview videos give you the freedom and flexibility to engage various guests and create a series of expert knowledge-sharing, thus adding momentum to your content marketing.

  • Also, your videos will get shared by the interviewees – who are thought leaders or influencers in the relevant field - on their social media platforms, magnifying your brand’s reach and ushering better traffic to your website.

Good interview videos must follow a lucid and natural format and shouldn’t sound deliberate or scripted. For that an expert interviewer who can navigate through various topics, trends, and exclusive tips, touching every pain point of the consumer, is necessary. So is sturdy content that covers it all in most impressively.

Bumble, the mobile dating app, came up with an inspiring branded video interview strategy. The company shot a series of “morning routine” interviews featuring its current employees, who casually conversed about their morning routine, their careers, hobbies and daily tasks. The interviews are as interesting as formal celebrity interviews with real people and a glimpse into their dreams, lives and fun.


If it suits your product spectrum, then a tutorial video can be a huge crowd-puller. Tutorial videos educate the viewers on specific topics, sharing knowledge or teaching a particular skill. With YouTube leading the video platforms, tutorials have much fan-following. People would rather watch and learn. It is easier to grasp the information, retain and recollect it in a visual format.

As per a Pew Research survey, 87% of users said that YouTube helps them to figure out how to do stuff that they never tried before.

Your tutorial video can be anything from a software tutorial for your potential buyers or customers, general information pertaining to your industry - like how to use a particular farming tool, or create an easy video.

The prospect of seeing a face or hearing voice-backed images in a video tutorial helps people connect with your brand. Mind that when you put “helpful” content, it ought to be genuine. People are smart enough to recognize selfish sales motives behind the videos and get repelled by them.

Your tutorials must be genuinely concerned with the pain-points of your potential customers or target audience.

A well-made tutorial video help in:

  • Ease the jobs of your tech/customer support team

  • Improve customer satisfaction

  • Build brand loyalty and image

  • Improve Google search results

  • Bring better traffic to your website


A product review video is akin to the FAQ section of your website. It addresses the many apprehensions of the prospective buyer regarding the product/service, briefly explains the working process, brings attention to the add-ons or features that aren’t apparent, and asserts the benefits of using the product.

Product review videos suit well at a phase where your brand has already established some credibility with the customers. But they work out even for new launches and can capture the target audience through simple review videos. Customer testimonials where they share their experience of buying the product from you and using it are good examples of product review videos.

Place your review videos on platforms that are great hangouts for your potential buyers to boost up your sales conversion.

A good product video must have:

  • Detailed product features/descriptions

  • Interesting visuals that showcases/highlights your product utilities

  • Descriptive text that narrates the process effectively

  • Clear-cut answers to all customer-concerns

Kelty Linger’s collection of foldable Side Table and chair would seem too simple to do a demo on. But their product videos impress and convince the viewers about the convenience, comfort, and quality of the products. A 57 seconds demo shows how to assemble the products easily. Plus, a real person using the seemingly-delicate product convinces of its sturdy built and strength. Once the target customers are impressed by the style and looks of the versatile collection, they aren't going to think further before buying!


We know testimonials have become mandatory for businesses. We see websites loaded with written testimonials from happy customers.

You can take your customer experience to the next level with video testimonies on your website. Have authentic video testimonials from your loyal customers on your web page and you needn’t look for further brand promotion! Happy customers endorsing your product/service is as good as or even better than a perky commercial advertisement.

Does Amazon need any validation? They may not. But the e-commerce giant chose to come up with seller testimonials on FBA from a few on their prestigious clientele list. Impressive!

Real people giving an honest opinion of your brand can make your target audience relate better to your brand.

  • Like ads, video testimonies are good storytellers. People love to hear positive stories that address their worries or problems and provide solutions.

  • It builds instant trust and awe, and makes your brand more personal. Also, the lure and visual appeal of video testimonials get them more clicks and brings you more web traffic as well.

  • Video testimonials are cost-effective than a well-executed commercial advertisement. In these days of the social media boom and viral videos, one needn’t particularly be perfect. Even a simple and honest home-made video holds the power of conversion.

  • Roping in your loyal customers to participate in your brand promotion videos not only brings down the production cost but also helps them associate with you on a personal level. They could feel proud to represent you, boosting your brand credibility further.


A brand video is the long-form video content that covers all aspects of your brand from vision and mission to the workflow, and the team. Branded videos reflect your company’s core values, commitment to excellence and its capabilities. Of not done with much care and thoughtfulness, they could backfire and damage your brand image.

These are more formal videos that must be shot in a professional and perfect video format.

You can experiment with creativity to make an impressive visual masterpiece on your brand that exudes the essence of your core values and brand persona.

If you are successful in creating a lively and highly interesting brand video that can engage your target audience, you will win in getting massive reach through shares on various platforms.

Well-executed brand videos nurture brand recognition, helping your target audience to like your brand and identify with your values.


Video marketing doesn’t always tear your pockets. If wisely done, it is a formidable tool that can give you a leg up in the industry and assert your brand positioning in the market. With hundreds of advanced free tools and apps for video-making on digital platforms, cutting a great brand video is no more a nightmare.

Remember that your video content must blend in with your content marketing strategy – with a definite purpose and goal rather than as filler.

Invest your time and money in building upon the role of video in your brand promotion. How you want to impress your target audience and convince them through your video.

To develop killer video content for your next brand promotion, approach the fresh minds at ThePendits. We love to help businesses grow with content that converses with their customers! Call us at +91 8448040030 to know more about the best content marketing strategies for your SME.

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