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Readability Checker

How well do you communicate with your audience?

The Free Readability Checker

A well-written text may look easy to read and understand - until you check its readability score!

The readability score tells you how easy your text is for the readers to read, and understand.

ThePendits’ free online Readability Score tool brings you all the nitty-gritty of your text, like the number of sentences, words, and characters, the ease of reading, the number of complex words used, etc.

Be it a business email, your website content, a blog, or a white paper, test it here to see how easy or complex your text is for the readers.

With a quick and easy way to test your content for Gunning Fog Index and Fincaid Index, ThePendits’ Readability tool has the most flexible readability software for testing your content.

How to read the result of the Free Readability Score tool?

  • No. of Words denotes the word count in the text you have pasted.

  • No. of Complex Words denotes the number of words with more than 3 syllables in them.

  • No. of Characters gives you the count of characters in the text.

  • No. of Sentences mentions the count of sentences in your text.

  • No. of Syllables shows how many syllables are in the text.

  • Gunning Fog Index denotes the readability score according to Gunning Fog Index formula

  • SMOG Index displays the readability score according to SMOG Index formula

  • Flesch Kincaid Index shows the readability score according to Flesch Kincaid Index formula

1.What are the different ways that I can test the readability of my content with this tool?

Ans: Copy your content and paste it into the space above. Click on the Check Readability button. ThePendits’ free Readability Checker tool will evaluate the text and display the results.

2. What information do I get when I run the readability test tool?

Ans: You can test your content for a quick check on the word count, number of characters, sentences, syllable's and complex words.

The instant and detailed result will help you in understanding whether your content is easy to read and followed by your target readers. 

Gunning Fog Index, SMOG Index, and Flesch Kincaid Index from one of the Best Tools Available. Read our article How to Make Your Content More Readable to know more.

3.Who can use the readability test tool?

Ans: Everyone who would like to optimise their content for their digital audience can use the Free Online Readability Checker tool. However, Digital Marketers are the ones who benefit the most from this Free Readability Score tool.


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