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Your exclusive writer for all the content needs

How about having an exclusive creative writer who understands your AUDIENCE, ENGAGES them, and tells them your story in the MOST INTERESTING AND UNIQUE WAY?


And that too, with the bonus of you not having the hassle of recruiting, training or supervising!


Yes, churning out unique content for your brand marketing has never been this easier! Be it a series of daily blogs for traffic generation or an unexpected social media post that needs to be posted with urgency, our virtual writers serve you with original, quality content that speaks for your brand.


ThePendits’ army of VIRTUAL WRITERS is here to help you.

How does our virtual writer help you with your content?

Having your own virtual writer is one step ahead of hiring a freelancer and a step above maintaining your own in-house team.

With our Virtual Writer services, you get a committed, professional writer dedicated to your projects minus the hassles of hiring and recruitment and at a fixed cost!

You are assured of:

  • A committed writer for all your projects 

  • More content in less time

  • Services within a fixed monthly sum

  • A great option for large scale projects or promotional series

  • Avail writers who are versatile with an extensive range of content categories

How we work?

Once you subscribe to the Virtual Writer service while recharging your account, on every working day a writer is assigned to work dedicatedly on your projects. You can continuously add projects to the portal and the virtual writer shall take it up and write one project after the other in a sequential manner.


If the scope of the project is big and can't be completed in one day, the writer picks it up the next day from where it was left. On the other hand, if the projects require less effort, then the writer will take up as many projects as possible in one day. Our experience has shown that in any given day the writer can write between 1000 -1500 words and that's our commitment as well.


Since the content undergoes a stringent review process to ensure you get the best quality, it may happen that the writer has completed the work and is pending review. Hence to ensure proper utilisation of your subscription, we suggest you always add 

additional projects even if close to 2000 words are pending delivery.


Just like you would pay a monthly salary to an employee, the subscription to the virtual writer is for a month, after which you will need to recharge to continue uninterrupted service.


Still, having queries? Talk to our Content Consultant and we'll be happy to be of assistance to you.



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