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      We’ve made it really easy for agencies and brands to get quality content from real writers in just a few clicks of a button.

Neil Philip, Founder

Why ThePendits?

At ThePendits, we believe content isn't the king, readers are. Content is the crown that adds value to their seeking.

That's why we write for readers. We infuse RoI and data-driven strategies into the words we pen to fetch you better web traffic, readership, authorship, authority, brand visibility, leads and push sales as well. 


Our pool of experienced writers are versatile and don diverse hats. You can find experts from those who can write on cat food to those drawing a comparison between Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Algorithms. 


No matter what your domain or requirement of content is, you can find the ideal writer who would fit your bill only at ThePendits.

Quick Turn Around Time

We strive our best to deliver the content within 2 business days of commissioning.

Competitive Pricing

Our services are strategically priced to ensure that you are able to get maximum content written at the lowest cost.

Certified Writers

Every writer at ThePendits has undergone stringent assessment and training sessions to deliver the best.

Technology Backed

Content Tracking, Plagiarism Check, File Sharing and Writer Coordination. We use the latest technology.

Client-centric service. Intuitive experience. Welcome to the Future of Content!

Process Oriented

We distinguish ourself through our well defined, yet seamless process to optimise efficiency and manage time.

NetFix - One stop DIY SEO Tool


Never worry about your content strategy again!


Our licensed tool, NetFix gives you actionable insights on SEO Strategy Creation. Keyword performance is regularly monitored. Implementing the suggestions would ensure your website is ranked on top in search engines.

  • Cost-Effective

  • Results Driven

  • Pay per Month

  • User-Friendly

  • Constant Monitoring


The Creative Trap

We envision to contain, mould and disrupt scattered and unorganised content market by delivering creative intelligence through, and within the framework of technological expertise (innovative technology). ThePendits leverage the versatile platform to streamline the process of content writing in a more accessible, organised and professional manner. We strive to connect with our customers on a common technological /digital platform where discussions and deliverance are transparent, structured and quick.


There is a huge demand for content marketing. The need, to some extent, is met by freelance writers working individually or through e-portals. But despite the growing demand, the freelance industry remains highly unorganised and rather oblivious to mainstream customers.

Even if companies manage to unearth a few good writers, they often find it hard to communicate the nitty-gritty details of their requirements to the writers. Many writers, on the other hand, may not possess the experience or familiarity with the particular industry and would struggle to deliver content from a marketing perspective. Those who are experienced enough are hard to get, especially for the start-ups and small firms who sit on limited budgets.


In brief, we are here to serve you and together #LetsMakeThingsWrite!

Get Free Consultation

Our Content Strategists are always ready to get the best work done for you. If you are not sure about your content marketing strategy and need assistance in finding the content strategy that gets clicked and sold, we are available on standby for you to talk. Get in touch with us for a free content consultation before you finalise your project and we're sure you'll get the bigger picture. ​

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